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Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 release date & price speculation

An interesting new OLED arrival to Samsung's Odyssey range

Updated: Apr 3, 2024 3:57 pm
Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 release date & price speculation

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CES 2024 is almost here and Samsung have jumped in early to announce an expansion to their OLED gaming monitor range – so now’s the time to talk about the Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 release date, as well as the Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 price. First thing’s first, we’ll have to stick to speculation and prediction for the time being, at least until Samsung give us anything more official. The good news at least is that the OLED G6 specs are already available and we’ve been figuring out where to buy an OLED G6 come launch.

The introduction of an OLED G6 is an interesting one, and it could be a (comparatively) budget-friendly entry point to OLED for many gamers. This 27″ 1440p monitor could rival the likes of the Corsair Xeneon 27QHD240 we reviewed, and it even one-ups it in the refresh rate department. Regardless, we’re here to discuss release date and price speculation first and foremost!

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Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 release date window prediction

Figuring out the Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 release date isn’t as simple as we’d hope, given the fact it’s the first of its kind with little to go off this early. We’re eagerly awaiting CES 2024, which will be kicking off on January 9th, for more details – they’ve already announced the new line-up at least.

Looking back to the past, the comparable Odyssey G65B for example just took a couple of months after its announcement to become widely available. On the flipside, something like the new high-end OLED G9 is likely to not see the light of day until later on until close to Q3 2024.

Taking everything into account, we predict that the OLED G6 will be one of the first new models to arrive, possibly in Q2 2024. To delve a little deeper though, Samsung officially revealed in this blog post that the OLED G6 is expected to be available from May 2024, at least in Hungary. This could stretch to the rest of Europe, and it gives us a guideline for other regions as well.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 price speculation

Like we said, this monitor fits an new niche for the Samsung Odyssey range. Previously, only their G8 and G9 ultrawide gaming monitors got the OLED treatment, but it’s nice to see them offering a smaller 27″ screen with all the great gaming and content-viewing prowess that OLED offers. Samsung are also releasing a new OLED G8 and new OLED G9 if you’re interested though.

Right now, we see many OLED screens fitting this 1440p specification retailing around the $1000 mark at full price. Most of these hit 240Hz, whereas the OLED G6 will be a 360Hz monitor and will likely have a price to match. We expect it to be close to that 4-digit mark as well. The G6 does miss out on Samsung’s SmartThings and other Smart TV functionality, which does help keep the price down in one regard compared to its bigger siblings.

Should I buy the Odyssey OLED G6?

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t interested in the Odyssey OLED G6. Gaming with an OLED screen is hard to beat in our book, and a 1440p monitor will be a popular choice for many gamers that aren’t so interested in Samsung’s previous ultrawide offerings. We’ll be waiting on how the pricing turns out, but this new display looks to be well worth picking up given the impressive specs.

All in all, we think that it will be worth buying if you want top-notch gaming performance thanks to an ultra-high refresh rate and quick 0.03ms response time. The familiar 16:9 aspect ratio with QHD resolution is a great spot to be in for gaming, in our opinion.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 release date & price FAQs

Was the Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 at CES 2024?

Following Samsung’s official announcement to the big event, The new OLED G6 was unsurprisingly featured at CES 2024 – which took place in Las Vegas between January 9th and 12th.

Is the Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 worth it?

We’ll have to wait on the price before we make this judgement, but the specs revealed so far are nothing short of impressive. If it’s anything like other OLED gaming monitors we’ve tested, it’ll be well worth it.

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