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Windows 11 gets ‘System requirements not met’ watermark in new build

Microsoft has a nasty surprise in store for some users.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022 1:32 pm

Windows 11 is steadily progressing along with its rollout of Windows 11 to more consumers than ever before. But, with the new OS having some requirements for installation such as TPM 2.0, they’re also now warning users who may not have met all of the prerequisites for the brand-new operating system, after having tested these out in February in some Windows 11 insider builds. Fast-forward to the present, and they’re now looking to roll this out to their latest build of Windows 11: 22000.588.

Curiously, Microsoft does not include this change in their list of ‘improvements‘ to the OS, but one insider spotted it and posted their findings over on Twitter.

How to fix ‘System requirements not met’ in Windows 11

You can fix the ‘System requirements now met’ error in Windows 11 by upgrading your hardware to be compatible with Windows 11, and giving yourself legitimate TPM 2.0 support, instead of hacking your way around it. Additionally, you might already have TPM 2.0, but have not enabled it over on your BIOS, so here’s how to do it. Wondering what TPM is or does, or why it’s important for Windows 11? We’ve also got you covered right here. But, there may also be another way around it, if your PC should meet the minimum requirements and you still get the error in a normal build, but it will take only the highest of technological prowess to do so. You just need to turn it off and on again. But, as we all know, even the might of turning off the power might not get you where you need to.

So, the original user who pointed out the error, XenoPanther, has also listed a possible fix that’s a little bit more technically involved but also requires messing around with your registry, so if any of that actually means something to you, you’ll probably find success with the method as outlined below.

What happens when the ‘System requirements not met’ error is detected

If you are unlucky enough to get hit with this ‘system requirements not met’ error in Windows 11, you’ll find a new watermark on your home screen telling you as much. Right now, it’s too early to tell if there is going to be a solid workaround for this, and it’ll appear in a similar vein to if you have not activated Windows 11 whatsoever. However, getting this error does not result in you getting locked out of any features in Windows 11, unlike if you had an unactivated version of Windows on your system like previous iterations of the OS.

As stated, it’s possible that the watermark can be removed via editing your registry, but unless you have the technical know-how to do so, you might just be out of luck. We’d recommend that you don’t try to bypass the system requirements for Windows 11, and instead, give your PC a bit of a boost to get the new OS up and running. Right now, there aren’t many reasons to upgrade over to Windows 11, so only upgrade over to the new OS if you’re certain you want the newest OS and all of the bells, whistles and bugs that’ll come alongside having Windows 11. Right now, we’d even go so far as to say that you should probably wait for a couple of years before upgrading, just to makesure that you’re upgrading to a modern, mature platform instead of just beta testing the OS for Microsoft, as so many of these ‘insiders’ do.

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