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Warzone 2 players shocked by removal of these game modes

Updated: Jul 3, 2023 7:22 pm
Warzone 2 players shocked by removal of these game modes

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Since Warzone 2’s release in late 2022, a variety of game modes have rotated in and out as the Infinity Ward developers attempt to keep the game fresh.

So far, we’ve seen the introduction of a Resurgence mode with Ashika Island, a smaller spin-off mode for Warzone’s usual Battle Royale that offers a more close quarters approach to the usual gameplay. Recently, there has been the addition of a new medium-sized map Vondel with the launch of Season 4.

However, changes to the game have players questioning the decisions of the developers.

Warzone 2 players frustrated with removal of game modes

In a Reddit thread, Warzone 2 f player u/kris9512 criticized the developers, as the base solos, duos, trios, and quads game modes are frequently rotated in favor of other limited-time modes.

u/kris9512 said, “Why can’t regular BR always have solos, duos, trios, and quads by default and then rotate every bullshit gimmick modes around them.“

Other players seem to agree with this sentiment, calling for consistency especially regarding solo Battle Royale mode.

Reddit user u/Minerman1987 commented, “Battle royale solos was ALWAYS there on Warzone 1. The only thing that would replace it would be buy back solos. But we never had to go without a solos mode. That’s the biggest one. Solos players just don’t play with teams, therefore it should always be available.”

They also added, “People who prefer team modes are able to work around squad size because well they are still playing a squad based mode.”

There is also some disagreement regarding Mini Battle Royale solo mode versus Resurgence mode given their similarities and whether or not they are a good substitute for the regular Battle Royale solo mode.

Some players are trying to take a more optimistic stance, encouraging others to try different things.

Reddit user u/overlordkai said, “Totally understand the frustration but seriously take it as a positive. If the game doesn’t have your preferred playlist, then use it as a chance to take a break from the game and play something else or do something else.”
Given Warzone 2’s constant rotation of game modes, this change may not last for long and players may have the chance to get their base modes back.

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