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How to fix We Were Here Forever PC crashing on startup

Here is how to solve the first launch issue puzzle.

Updated: May 10, 2022 4:32 pm
How to fix We Were Here Forever PC crashing on startup

We Were Here Forever is the latest addition to the asymmetrical coop puzzle game. While there are plenty of levels filled with puzzles, there is a puzzle that awaits some players on startup. Yep, there seems to be We Were Here Forever crashing on startup problems.

How to fix We Were Here Forever crashing on startup

While it is certainly a shame, there appear to be a few solutions that seem to fix the game. The main reported solution circulating the Steam Community and the game’s discord is DX related. Before launching the game, you should try right-clicking the game and head to properties. Head over to launch settings and type in “ -force-d3d11”.

For Epic Games Store players, you should flick your account profile in the top right of the client. From there, click on ‘Settings’, and scroll all the way down until you see specific games. Click the We Were Here Forever section, then tick the ‘Additional Command-Line Arguments’ box. A new text box appears, which allows you to type in “ -force-d3d11”.

What this does is force the game to launch in DirectX 11, rather than DirectX 12. It could be a solution for players using older hardware in their machine. If this doesn’t work, there appears to be another set of fixes that could address the We Were Here Forever crashing on startup problems. 

Basic Troubleshooting

Total Mayhem Games has published a Google Doc featuring several potential solutions that could address the game’s launch issues. The list tells you to run the game in administrator, verify the integrity of the game files, check your firewall and check your system requirements.

Out of the selections, here are the ones we recommend.  Find where your game is stored and right-click the game’s launcher or exe, head to properties and then check the box that says launch the game as an administrator. Also, right-click the game in your steam menu, and check to verify the integrity of the game cache. It may be one of the files was corrupted or didn’t download, which could be causing the issue. 

Alternatively, you may need to update your graphics drivers. Check with AMD, Nvidia or whatever else you are using for the most recent driver, usually found in the company’s software, like NVIDIA GeForce Experience. 

The other potential problem is your anti-virus or firewall. Head to your antivirus or firewall of choice and allow We Were Here Forever through them. You should check with your firewall or anti-virus provider for a tutorial on how to let them through. This seems to be a problem especially for Avast users, based on discord and forum conversations between players.

If none of these fixes resolves your We Were Here Forever crashing on startup issue, then we recommend getting in touch with the devs.

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