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Can You Create A Custom Character in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Create your own identity in Nintendo Switch Sports!

Updated: May 13, 2022 6:56 am
Can You Create A Custom Character in Nintendo Switch Sports?

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Nintendo Switch Sports offers a lot of games where you can compete with your friends. The core thing about competition is identity, being able to stand out from your opponents. Having an original, custom character is a big part of creating your own experience. So can you create a custom character in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Short Answer: Yes

Custom Character in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports allows you to create your own character/avatar. There are also unlockable customization options as well. At the start of the game you will be presented with a guide on how to use the customization settings.

Players are also able to choose a Mii avatar that is saved to your Nintendo Switch. It can be selected in the Body section of the character customization.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Character Customization
Credit: Sekaimen and Nintendo

Many customization options to create your own character in Nintendo Switch Sports will need to be unlocked. You need to play online mode to unlock new customization items. After an online encounter you will be rewarded with points. Every 100 points gives you a token. Tokens can be spent to unlock a random item from a specific set like a hairstyle, facemask, beard, etc.

All Customization Options in Nintendo Switch Sports

I will list all the parts that can be customized and not every individual item.

  • Personal Traits Gender, Age, Skin Color, Eye Color
  • Hairstyle – a lot of hairstyles to choose from
  • Eyebrows – eyebrows are more important than you think
  • Facial Features – like freckles, blushes
  • Full Outfit – your clothes
  • Hats – headgear
  • Glasses – ”+10 intelligence”
  • Lower Face Accessories – masks
  • Body – change between human avatar and Mii character (a character from Nintendo Wii)
  • Name – choose your own NSS name
  • Title – your personalized title that will be displayed above your character

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