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Nvidia RTX 4070 release date, specs and price

For the next generation of cards, we look at the low end of the likely initial lineup

Updated: Nov 15, 2023 9:20 am
Nvidia RTX 4070 release date, specs and price

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As the RTX 4000 series is in the launch cycle, the choice hasn’t been the greatest. With that, the RTX 4070 release date has been on our minds. And it has gone and has been already so looking at all the other details on the card we have you covered. With a list of the specs and price as well.

By now, the RTX 4090, 4080, and 4070 Ti have been released and filled the market with the power of the Ada series. But it hasn’t been quite the affordable or the most worth it. This is why the Nvidia RTX 4070 release date was so looked forward to, even compared to the 60 range. So you may be hoping for a mid-range option to come and give you more good reasons to buy one of these graphics cards. But even this one might not be the one after all.

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Nvidia RTX 4070 release date

Now with the RTX 4070 reviews around, we know what to expect from the card and how it looks. Once again the news and embargo have been left to the last minute of its release and any information on the cards has been from the rumors and leaks from the community as per usual but it has shown how accurate they can be.

As such we know that the RTX 4070 release date was on the 13th of April 2023. This comes three months after the rescheduled RTX 4070 Ti. It comes quite late compared to previous releases of the 70 model, and rather than coming with the generation, it has taken time for it to come out, and without the great improvements the previous ones have offered.

RTX 4070 specifications

Now with the card confirmed and reviewed, all the information has been finalized that has been circulating around. And the RTX 4070 specifications are now out there for you to compare what it has to offer, and if it’s really worth the effort of getting it. But with the delay in the announcement it might seem that even Nvidia isn’t too keen on the card itself.

As we’ve seen, the card has the AD104-250 GPU inside of it based on the TSMC 5nm process. Minimizing how much space is utilized by the transistors, we expect to see a smaller and less powerful chip. Especially as it has the same number of CUDA cores as the RTX 3070, with 5,888 although these will be better performing and optimized than the older card.

The other big boost is the clock rate of the card, which might come with the change in the process it has increased to help performance. With the base clock on the FE card to 1.92 GHz, and the boost up to 2.48 GHz. Increasing the count from 1.5 and 1.73 GHz. The memory speed also increases with the new card, up to 21 Gbps from 14 Gbps.

This comes with the increased VRAM option in the card. Up to 12 GB and a faster option of GDDR6X. Although the card lowers the memory bus to 192-bit it still is a faster option. And even with that, the TBP of the card is still lower than the 3070, at just 200W. But the pricing also increases with that so it might not be a straightforward option after.

RTX 4070RTX 3070RX 6700 XT
GPUAD104-250GA104-300Navi 22 XT
GPU processTSMC 5nmSamsung 8nmTSMC 7nm
Base clock1.92 GHz1.50 GHz2.32 GHz
Boost clock2.48 GHz1.73 GHz2.58 GHz
Memory clock21 Gbps14 Gbps16 Gbps
Memory bus192-bit256-bit192-bit
TDP200 W220 W230 W

RTX 4070 price – How much is the 4070?

With the final confirmation of the card, we have the recommended retail price as provided by Nvidia. This price is set for the Founder’s Edition and any other MSRP cards, but overclocked and customer cards are likely to increase on that. And with that, the MSRP of the card is set at $599 USD/£589/€659.

RTX 4070 frequently asked questions

How much VRAM does the RTX 4070 have?

The RTX 4070 has 12 GB of VRAM. This is of the GDDR6X variety clocked at 21 Gbps across a 192-bit bus.

What power supply do I need for a 4070?

The specs show the RTX 4070 has a TDP of 200W, through a 12-pin connector. So it is recommended that you have a 700 W power supply. Preferably with the new-gen connector but it will likely come with adapters anyway. But for custom cards, you may need a bit more power.

When did the 4070 come out?

With a review drop from anywhere after rumors and leaks, the RTX 4070 came out on the 13th of April.

Will there be a RTX 4070?

It has finally be confirmed with a review drop, that the RTX 4070 does in fact exist. With reviews for MSRP cards on the 12th of April and the release a day later.

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