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Gigabyte Aorus Black Friday deals 2021

Grab a great gratuitous deal from Gigabyte

Updated: Nov 25, 2021 3:41 pm
Best Black Friday Gigabyte Aorus Deals

Gigabyte Aorus might be two separate brands. With AORUS denoting some of their more premium gaming brand products. But, they are run by the same business, and also running the same software and systems, more often than not. They manufacture everything from Graphics Cards and Motherboards all the way over to Gaming chairs, and many many other product categories which are too many to list in one single sentence. Regardless, they’re all of generally high quality and have a fantastic reputation in the gaming community, making them one of the most trusted brands in the PC games industry. Since they produce just such a sheer number of products, it’s likely that we’ll be able to see oodles of Black Friday deals coming from the manufacturer. 

Gigabyte Aorus Motherboard deals Black Friday 

One of the biggest categories to look out for from Gigabyte and Aorus this Black Friday will be their offering of Motherboards across a huge range of devices. With new chipsets being released, you can expect to see retailers begin to clear out aged stock for the slightly older models, meaning that you might be able to grab a bargain if you’re choosing to upgrade your system and don’t really need all the premium bells and whistles that higher-end motherboards offer. 

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GIGABYTE – B450 AORUS PRO WIFI (Socket AM4) USB 3.1 Gen 1 AMD Motherboard with LED Lighting

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Gigabyte AORUS AMD AM4 B450, B550 & X570 Motherboard deals 

You can expect to see older X570, B450, and some B550 Gigabyte and Aorus Motherboards on the AMD side of things. However, things are a little bit murkier on the Intel side, as they’re about to release Alder Lake, meaning that we might not see such deep discounts since the new Z690 chipset won’t quite have matured yet. Regardless, you can expect to see deals on the following as manufacturers begin to clear out stock: 

Gigabyte AORUS Intel LGA1200 B560, H470, H510, H570, Z490, Z590 Motherboard deals Motherboard deals 

It’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing any Alder Lake deals quite yet, but for any builds that demand a Comet Lake system, you will be able to probably grab a great bargain as Intel begin to use in a new generation of Motherboard and socket. So if you’re after an LGA1200 Socket motherboard, you’ll be able to find them.  

Gigabyte AORUS Graphics Cards Black Friday Deals? 

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As a manufacturer of an enormous amount of Graphics Cards, it’s likely that we will see retailers holding back stock on graphics cards, but the amount of competition you will have when attempting to actually purchase a graphics card on Black Friday will be incredibly fierce. Aside from that, Gigabyte offers a huge number of different cards with slightly different cooling solutions for different price points. It’s worth doing the research and looking into what best suits your PC. You won’t want to be trying to get a triple-slot behemoth into an ITX system that’s incompatible with your case, or getting a card that requires a full water-cooling loop accidentally. 

Will Gigabyte Aorus have the RTX 3080Ti, 3080, 3070ti, 3070, 3060Ti, and 3060’s in stock on Black Friday?  

It’s been a tough year to keep graphics cards in stock, especially with manufacturers having to contend with logistical issues in addition to the global semiconductor shortage. But, we can expect to see retailers hold some stock back that you will actually be able to purchase on the day. We expect that demand is going to be split, meaning that the cheaper cards will be more in demand, and the more expensive cards, less so. Regardless, an RTX card is the way to go if you want to be able to utilize revolutionary technology like DLSS, which enhances your framerates in games exponentially. 

Will Gigabyte Aorus have the RX 6900XT, 6800XT, 6800, 6700XT, 6700, 6600XT, and 6600’s in stock on Black Friday?  

In addition to what they’ve been producing so far on the Nvidia side, Gigabyte Aorus also make AMD Radeon cards, too. We expect to see the stock at major retailers on Black Friday, but do not expect to be able to get one easily, as it’ll be highly competitive. With a similar number of options to choose from with regards to the variety of coolers and chips, you will be able to purchase. It’s likely that the hotter the card runs, the better the cooler will need to be, so make sure you check the temperatures of the particular model of card you’re after and select the ideal cooler size that you’ll need, and ensure that it all aligns with your system so you’re able to actually use it. 

Gigabyte AORUS monitors on Black Friday, what to expect 

In addition to manufacturing components, you can expect to see Gigabyte AORUS monitors in stock too, and they’ve also been subject to testing right here on WePC. Monitors are one category that we definitely expect to see covered on Black Friday, meaning that since the company wants to continually release new products, they’ll all also have to clear out the old ones, otherwise they sit on what’s known as ‘dead stock’. So, with that in mind, we probably won’t be seeing the huge Gigabyte AORUS OLED monitors go on sale for very little, but instead, for those newer products a less steep discount. Regardless, you can expect to save a bundle on Black Friday. 

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