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The lack of a Battlefield 2042 scoreboard is disappointing its players

How else are we supposed to know if we are doing well or inting?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
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Battlefield 2042 has launched in early access, with many gamers getting the chance to play the game seven days early through the EA Play pro or through pre-ordering the bigger editions. What those players shave found so far is the lack of a Battlefield 2042 scoreboard. So much so Redditors are now threatening penguins to get it in the game.

Light-hearted memes aside, the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard is a needed feature. Every Battlefield game has always had a scoreboard. It has that satisfying dopamine hitting moment when you realise you’re at the top of the leaderboard. And, if you’re having a bad game, you can see who is fragging so you can see what their playstyle or strategy is. Not to mention it’s useful to spot cheaters running your games, or you can work out of there’s a clan in the game.

Why Battlefield 2042 has no scoreboard remains a mystery. Is it not working well in the early access launch, so it’s not in yet. Perhaps it is a game design reason to remove it from the game.  Either way, it is fairly disappointing not to get something that is intrinsic to a shooter game.

What are your thoughts on the lack of a Battlefield 2042 scoreboard? Are you joining the penguin hunting party? Perhaps you’re spamming dongers, maybe writing a hashtagged tweet in the #Battlfield2042scoreboard on Twitter’s trend? Let the devs know that you want this feature, as that is the only way you’ll get it.

Featured image via EA.

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