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How to turn on FPS meter in Battlefield 2042

Because sometimes you just need to know right?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
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Desperate to check how much pressure you are putting your trusty GPU under now you have got Battlefield 2042 up and running – assuming you haven’t run into the DirectX error preventing you from even loading the game.

To find out if it is your frames-per-second that is causing you to get picked off and have the worst Kill ratio known to modern man you need to activate the inbuilt frame counter to see how well things are performing in the bowels of your PC.

It’s easy enough to to do so let’s get activating.

Activate FPS meter in Battlefield

To display the FPS meter in BF2042 you need to bring up the game’s console by pressing the tilde key – that’s the (~) in case you ddin’t know what it was called.

In the command box that pops up type in the following and press ENTER

perfoverlay.drawfps 1

This will then display the FPS info at the top of the screen.

If you are playing on Steam you will need to press Shift-TAB simultaneously and scroll until you find the tab marked In-Game. Look around in the options presented to you and select Show FPS to get the same result.

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