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Who is the final boss in Elden Ring?

Its name has quite a ring to it…

Updated: Jul 26, 2022 11:14 am

“It is said that long ago, the Greater Will sent a golden star bearing a beast into the Lands Between, which would later become the Elden Ring.”

In Elden Ring, the player journeys around the globe in pursuit of, well, the Elden Ring.

During this journey, they confront a series of bosses along the way who attempt to stop the player. And at the end of this lengthy trip, there is a final boss who serves as the character’s final challenge in order to restore peace. 

The main question on everyone’s mind is, “Who exactly is Elden Ring’s last boss?”

That would be the Elden Beast, the real form of the Elden Ring, which serves as a vassal of the Greater Will and may be found in the Elden Throne. 

This monster is NOT optional because it is the game’s last encounter, coming immediately after beating Radagon of the Golden Order.

Is Radagon of the Golden Order the final boss in Elden Ring?

elden beast

You must defeat Radagon of the Golden Order in Elden Ring before fighting the Elden Beast. 

Radagon has orange hair and one arm, which he uses to wield the hammer that destroyed the Elden Ring. However, we soon discover that this encounter was set up to save the Tarnished from facing the game’s ultimate enemy, the Elden Beast.

This is the main story’s last boss encounter, and it takes place in Leyndell, the capital of Ash. These conflicts are happening one after the other, so take a long, deep breath and an energy drink nearby because you’re going to need it. I sure did!

To make the boss fights even more challenging, you can’t rest at a Site of Grace in between, so you’ll face the final battle with the same amount of health, Focus Points, and healing flasks you had at the end of the previous fight. 

As a result, you must consider not only defeating Radagon of the Golden Order but also doing it without consuming as many charges of the Sacred Flask. After defeating Radagon of the Golden Order, a cutscene will play, and you will be forced to fight the last boss right away…

Common questions about Elden Ring’s final boss

The Elden Beast is a God Boss who may be found in the Elden Throne.

It’s not the prettiest of creatures. The Elden Beast is an unearthly entity and the incarnation of the Greater Will and Order. It is a massive beast with gold highlights on a transparent black body that towers over the player. It looks like a sea serpent or leech-like monster that crashes across the fight arena and dives beneath the water.

It is brimming with strength from the Elden Ring, and its assaults, albeit sluggish, are devastating. All of this is aided by the final monsters’ immense health and large arena, which allows them to navigate around the player.

Leeches and sea-serpents send you into shivers? Well, if you’re thinking you might like to skip fighting this boss, remember that this boss is NOT optional.

Maybe a helping hand is needed? – Don’t forget that spirit ashes can be summoned for this boss!

What does the last Elden Ring boss drop?

  • 500,000 runes 
  • Elden Remembrance – this can either be traded for a load of Runes or given to Enia in Roundtable Hold who will unlock its power
    • If you choose the latter, the Remembrance will supply the player with Marika’s Hammer or Sacred Relic Sword. Not bad.
    • Don’t forget: Remembrances can be duplicated at a Walking Mausoleum. But, only one remembrance may be duplicated per mausoleum and only once.

What happens after you beat the Elden Beast? 

Given Elden Ring’s average game length of 52 hours, it’s safe to assume your conflict with these final bosses is an afterthought for the time being.

Once you do finally defeat the Elden Beast, you will have completed the game. After defeating both bosses, Radagon as well as the Elden Beast, you will be rewarded with the “God Felled” message, half a million Runes, and the chance to access New Game Plus.

Missing the Elden Beast’s cuteness already? Don’t worry, with New Game Plus unlocked, you’ll have the chance to fight the fella all over again!

Except, it’s a lot more powerful… eek.

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