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FIFA 23 – How to Change Commentary Language

Updated: Sep 29, 2022 12:48 pm
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If you’re fortunate enough to be playing FIFA 23 already, either through early access or EA Play, then you will likely be sinking your teeth into a new Career Mode or getting started on Ultimate Team. 

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If you play a lot of FIFA you know how iconic the commentary can be, and crucial it is to some of your big moments, but the commentary can be changed. In total there are twelve languages to choose from, each language with an authentic commentary crew. 

Below are the choices of which commentary languages are available, and who will be commentating. 

Which Commentary Languages are in FIFA 23?

Arabic Commentators

  • Saudi Arabia Bilal Bechtawi
  • Saudi Arabia Faris Awadh

Brazilian Commentators

  • Brazil Caio Ribeiro Decoussau 
  • Brazil Gustavo Villani 
  • Brazil Natalia Lara

Chinese Commentators

  • China Liu Yang
  • China Su Dong
  • China Wang Tao

Dutch Commentators

  • Netherlands Edgar Kapp
  • Netherlands Jeroen Grueter 
  • Netherlands Sierd De Vos

French Commentators

  • France Benjamin Da Silva
  • France Omar da Fonseca 
  • France David Mandineau

Italian Commentators

  • Italy Amoruso Valerio
  • Italy Daniele Adanai 
  • Italy Matteo Barzaghi
  • Italy Pierluigi Pardo 

German Commentators

  • Germany Esther Sedlaczek 
  • Germany Frank Buschmann 
  • Germany Wolff-Christoph Fuss

Japanese Commentators

  • Japan Akihiko Nishioka 
  • Japan Takashi Fukunishi 
  • Japan Yo Tokinaga

Latin American Commentators

  • Argentina Andrés Agulla
  • El Salvador Fernando Palomo 
  • Argentina Mario Alberto Kempes 

Polish Commentators

  • Poland Jacek Laskowski 
  • Poland Maciej Iwański 
  • Poland Tomasz Smokowski 

Russian Commentators

  • Russia Georgy Cherdantsev 
  • Russia Konstantin Genich 
  • Russia Sergey Chikhachev 

Spanish Commentators

  • Spain Antonio Ruiz
  • Spain Manolo Lama 
  • Spain Nira Juanco 
  • Spain Paco González 

UK Commentators

  • England Alex Scott 
  • England Derek Rae 
  • England Geoff Shreeves 
  • England Stewart Robson

How to change commentary language in FIFA 23?

If you like any of the above commentary teams, or maybe want to have it in a different language then it’s easy enough to change. Just follow these steps to change the commentary language in FIFA 23.

  • On last gen consoles, the language select toggle can be found on the loading screen.
  • On current gen and PC, simply go to the main menu, head over to Customise, then click settings. On the game settings tab, toggle it and you’ll be able to access the lanuage menu select screen

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