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How to get Imperial Links in Final Fantasy 16

Updated: Jun 27, 2023 1:31 pm
How to get Imperial Links in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 is filled with various crafting materials for you to collect as you explore Valisthea. These materials are used by the Blacksmith Blackthorne in the Hideaway to create and upgrade weapons that Clive Rosfield can use.

Throughout the beginning of the game, you will collect items like Bloody Hide, Meteorite, Wyrrite, Sharp Fang, and Valley Madder. All of these are easy-to-obtain items that are used a lot to craft a new blade or two.

More rare materials like Bones Necklaces and Imperial Links are needed as you progress through the game. These materials aren’t as easy to get and require you to fend off some pretty dangerous foes. Explore the world and hunt these enemies down. This guide will show you how to get Imperial Links in Final Fantasy 16.

There is no specific location where you will find Imperial Links in Final Fantasy XVI. Instead, you will need to defeat high-profile foes like imperial knights. After getting through the prologue, you will encounter many of these enemies while exploring the world with Cid.

Imperial Knights like the Knight of the Dying Sun appear regularly after the prologue. Each time you take one of these tougher enemies down, they will reward you with an Imperial Link.

Most of the enemies you fight will be around Rosaria. Some will even be in the area before Rosaria where you team up with Cid and Gav to take down Minotaur enemies. Mostly, you will get these resources around Martha’s Rest and East Pool.

Gamers who want to use Imperial Links to their advantage can use them to craft the Gaia Blade, Diamond Sword, and Battlechains. You can also purchase these items from Charon with the Gil you have accumulated throughout the game.

The Gaia Blade, Diamond Sword, and Battlechains items require Imperial Links to upgrade to +2 as well. Keep this in mind before trying to sell your Imperial Links. You will want to hang onto them so you can obtain all the weapons and get the trophy.

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