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Is Clive Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16? 

Updated: Jun 20, 2023 11:54 pm
Is Clive Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16? 

The protagonist in Final Fantasy 16, Clive Rosfield, is blessed with the ability to use the Phoenix’s flames; however, being the firstborn son of the Rosfiled line, is it possible that he is Ifrit? 

In the latest Square Enix Final Fantasy installment, Clive must walk down a path of tragedy and revenge to uncover various truths. Along the way to assist him are his companions, Torgal and Jill Warrick. This guide will detail whether Clive is Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16.

Is Clive the Dominant of Fire Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16?

During the tragic night at the Phoenix Gate, Clive Rosfield becomes the second Eikon of fire Ifrit in Final Fantasy XVI. However, a few hints lead toward the fateful awakening of the dark Eikon.

Though it may be minor, during the training between Clive and Murdoch, Clive can be seen dropping to his knees after the training session. After which, Joshua heals him with the Phoenix’s flames. However. Clive has already been appointed as the First Shield of Rosaria at this point in the storyline. Therefore, a short training session like the one held should not phase him. This may have been a hint towards Clive awakening as Ifrit. 

Additionally, during the raid at the Phoenix Gate, Clive encounters a few headaches after a nasty battle with a Dragoon. After this battle, he also begins to hallucinate and hear voices. Soon after, Clive’s younger brother Joshua awakens the power of the Phoenix. During this episode, Clive sees a fiery apparition and thus fully awakens as Ifrit’s Dominant, and this is also supported by Murdoch commenting on a second Eikon of fire awakening. 

Throughout this night of flames, it seems that Clive has no recollection that he is the Dominant of fire Ifrit. After this, he will walk a path of vengeance with many allies that will support him along the way.

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