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Fortnite Cube — What’s going on with Fortnite and the purple cubes?

Back when there was just one, Fortnite fans called it Kevin the Cube.

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When a purple cube —nicknamed Kevin by players— first arrived at Paradise Palms on the original Fortnite Island all the way back in August 2018, players thought it was intriguing. It started out as strange glyphs and mysterious behaviour, but eventually turned into a calamity that caused an in-game black hole that stopped people playing for two entire days.

Fortnite players fought off extra-dimensional invaders called The Last Reality with the help of the Imagined Order during the Operation: Sky Fire live event on September 12, 2021. Our trip to the mothership was very revealing, and it now seems like Kevin the Cube might have been the first strike of the alien invasion all along.

A recent leak claimed that the returning cubes would be under the control of some sort of alien queen from The Last Reality. This has seemingly been confirmed by the female voiceover at the start of Chapter 2 Season 8 that has threatened to destroy everything once again.

In the meantime, here’s everything that’s happened with the Fortnite Cube so far…


dark reflection fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 1, Season 5 Lore Recap

The first alien cube arrived near Paradise Palms in an unceremonious flash of purple thunder. It was stationary at first, but then started to move every hour and 43 minutes.

At some point, the Brite Bomber touched the cube and was transformed into the Dark Bomber; we’re not sure when it happened, as the events took place on the Week 10 loading screen reward.

The cube started to burn dark magic glyphs into the map that altered the gravity around them, and crushed sections of Tilted Towers on it’s way to Loot Lake. Eventually the cube sank into the lake, making it bouncy and terraforming the island and house in the middle of the area.

fortnitemares cube monsters

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 1, Season 6 Lore Recap

At the start of Season 6 the cube started to float, carrying the island in the middle of the lake into the sky with a great and powerful vortex. The island started to absorb energy from the glyphs it had printed and then created a portal before returning to the lake.

Out of the portal arrived cube monsters, which were like deadly glowing zombies. Island inhabitants had to fight off the monsters for the duration of Fortnitemares 2018, a Halloween event that ran from October 24, 2018 until November 4, 2018.

On November 3, 2018 the Kevin The Fortnite Cube cracked and dripped energy into the vortex. When the cube ran out of energy it started to spin, carrying nearby players into The In-Between as part of a live event. A dimensional rift formed, which brought dimensional butterflies and players together to repair the center of Fortnite Island. Loot Lake and the cube monsters were gone, replaced with a new area called Leaky Lake.


Fortnite Season 7 Ice King

Fortnite Cube —Chapter 1, Season 7 Lore Recap

During Season 7, The Ice King had arrived and begun his attack on the Island. As we mentioned earlier the cube had been destroyed, but he had a shard that he used to summon the Ice Legion and stop his prisoners from escaping from inside of the giant iceberg beneath his castle.

The Ice Legion were like the cube monsters except blue.

skeletal remains fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 1, Season 9 Lore Recap

Mecha Team Leader, a giant robot piloted by Singularity, used a sword that looked like it was made of the remains of Kevin The Cube to fight off a lizard kaiju called The Devourer. The sword made the beast’s remains rapidly decompose, leaving a giant skeleton and purple  grass in the middle of the map.


season x floating island fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 1,  Season X Lore Recap

In Season X reality had become unstable, so there would be large and sweeping changes to the map each week as things arrived from other dimensions. The floating island with a cube on the bottom of it returned from a world where Season 6 was still going on, but didn’t really do anything.


steamy stacks fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 2, Season 1 Lore Recap

After the destruction of Fortnite in The Blackout event, players returned after two days to find a very different island waiting for them. On the new island they found a power plant called Kevolution Energy, also known as the Steamy Stacks.

Steamy Stacks has pools full of the cube energy liquid, which let off an updraft like the Loot Lake vortex, from which players can redeploy their gliders to quickly travel away from the storm.

the bridge fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 2, Season 5 Lore Recap

The Bridge that the Imagined Order office uses to get into The Loop appears to have been built from pieces of both the Loot Lake Cube and metal from the vault entrance to the In-Between. We only got a brief look at it in Season 5’s intro cinematic.


The Spire Fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 2, Season 6 Lore Recap

In Season 6 players had to recover an artifact from The Spire for Raz. It gave off the same glyphs as the cube, before ultimately corrupting Raz much like the cube had transformed Bright Bomber into Dark Bomber. Unlike the Brite Bomber, Raz was able to astral project out of his corrupted body and return to Colossal Crops to warn players.

Glyph Master Raz used his dark powers to call the aliens of The Last Reality to the island.

fortnite rift tour

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 2, Season 7 Lore Recap

At the start of the season, The Mothership used power drawn from the cube to shoot out a massive laser and destroy The Spire. As the battle royale continued, the aliens hosted Rift Tours with the help of Ariana Grande. The Rift Tours scanned attendees’ brains for information on the Zero Point, a concentrated energy ball hidden under the island that may be the source of all reality.

At the end of the season, the Operation: Sky Fire live event saw the islanders fight back against The Last Reality. At first it seemed like the aliens had just recovered the previous cube, which scared Doctor Slone. Using a pulse from the players backpacks, Slone disabled the cube and informed players that she would leave them to die rather than risk bringing the cube back with them.

good Kevin rebooted Fortnite

Players rebooted the cube and it turned a light blue Slurp Juice-ish colour. Players were then taken to a room where they discovered the aliens had prepared even more evil purple cubes, which surrounded a golden master cube. Doctor Slone’s explosives then went off and destroyed the mothership as planned, scattering several of the cubes across the island and ironically making her the cause of everything she did not want to happen.

inside the mothership fortnite

Fortnite Cube — Chapter 2, Season 8 Lore Recap

The purple cubes and gold cubes are now scattered throughout the island, probably preparing to do more evil things for The Last Reality and their quest to destroy the universe. The blue cube that players saved can be found in a new location called Friendly Forest. Only time will tell if it is now on the side of the heroes.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8: CUBED has only just begun, and it looks like The Last Reality’s cubes could mean doom and danger for all of the inhabitants of Fortnite Island once again.

As new story developments happen, we’ll try our best to keep this page updated.

fortnite season 8 cubed

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