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Halo Infinite releases live action trailer called ‘Forever We Fight’

A live action trailer hypes up the solo campaign's release.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:18 pm
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Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries have filmed and released a live action trailer intended to drum up even more hype for the first-person shooter Halo Infinite, which was originally supposed to launch in November 2020 but has had it’s release date delayed until December 8, 2021.

The trailer shows various glimpses of the wars and painful violence that make up large swathes of human history as we build up to new footage of Master Chief and his struggle against his latest fearsome foes on the Zeta Halo. The video description describes it with by saying that “Throughout human history, heroes have risen when called upon. The Master Chief carries each act of bravery with him into his most challenging battle yet. We’ve always believed in heroes, it’s time to become one.”

It’s a powerful and even chilling piece of imagery, but we’re not really sure what the point of it is. It doesn’t actually make us that excited to play the upcoming story mode. It’s a bit sad, even? We might’ve actually just preferred another look at the upcoming gameplay.

Where can I watch Halo Infinite Forever We Fight?

You can find the Halo Infinite — Forever We Fight live action trailer on the official Halo YouTube channel. We’ve also embedded it below so that you can watch it without too many extra potentially thumb straining clicks:

What do you you think? Are you excited for Halo Infinite’s single-player campaign to arrive on December 8, 2021? Will you be waiting for the co-operative mode that is set to be added at a later date before you play it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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