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Halo Infinite Tremonius boss battle guide – Legendary mode

Here is a guide on taking down the Halo Infinite Tremonius boss battle on Legendary

Updated: Dec 9, 2021 5:48 pm
Halo Infinite Tremonius boss battle guide – Legendary mode

343 Studios has put a new twist onto the Halo Infinite campaign, turning the game into an open-world RPG game while still offering the same old Halo that we know and love. One of the new features in Halo Infinite’s campaign is the introduction of boss battles, with over eight bosses throughout the game. By the second mission, you’ll be encountering one of those baddies.

Meet, Tremonius, a character with multiple avenues of content in the Halo Infinite campaign. He is the first main boss you face in the campaign, taking place on Foundation. While the fight isn’t that hard, it is a bit of a pain to deal with in Legendary difficulties. If you want an easier time fighting the Halo Infinite Tremonius boss battle, then we have made this guide for you.

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Halo Infinite Tremonius boss battle guide

Halo Infinite’s Tremonius arrives towards the end of the Foundation mission. The Weapon talks to you about him bing a friend, and Master Chief mentions he most certainly isn’t. As you find out, Chief is right.

When the fight starts, you’ll notice he deploys two legendary Jackal shielded warriors with golden shields. These Jackals won’t pose much of a threat, but they have energy-based weapons, which will rip your shields apart if not careful. You should hide from Tremonius and kill those Jackals as fast as you can.

In terms o the Halo Infinite Tremonius boss tactics, there are a few skills you should know. He has a jetpack and has heavy shields and armor. This puts you in execution range for his Hydra, shotgun, and melee inventory. When you see him fly to you, try to Grapple out of range, ideally behind cover. He occasionally jumps at you, too, dealing a seismic slam, which nukes your shields and dealing a bit of health damage.

If you have energy weapons, like the Stalker Rifle, you may as well get rid of it, especially considering that the room is filled with those weapons before the fight actually starts. Speaking of which, try to keep the fusion coils and other coils on that platform alive. Throwing them at Tremonius will nuke his shields, allowing you to chip away at his health.

One of the best weapons to kill him is the Needler. The Needler does nothing to the Legendary version of the Halo Infinite Tremonius fight. However, when the shields are down, you’ll repeatedly shatter those crystals and burst his health down. It helps to trivialise the fight a lot, especially when the legendary version takes less damage while dealing more damage.

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