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Horizon Forbidden West: A Tribe Apart Guide

Here's how to complete A Tribe Apart quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022 4:28 pm
A Tribe Apart

Horizon Forbidden West’s A Tribe Apart side quest follows the story of Jaxx, who wants to help a squad of Tenakth who are away from home. But approaching the Tenakth can be dangerous as they can be hostile in some cases. It is one of the first side quests in Stone’s Echo and worth completing because of the early boost it gives to your character level. 

Completing the quest rewards you with 3,750 XP, two skill points, and the Tenakth Vindicator Face Paint. There are no pre-requisites to start the quest and you simply need to talk to Jaxx to get access to A Tribe Apart.

How to Complete A Tribe Apart in Horizon Forbidden West

The side quest can spawn in two locations which include the Stone’s Echo main area, or the cave south to Stone’s Echo. Talk to Jaxx and enter the cave with him to commence the quest. He will talk about how much he wants to help out a group of Tenakth but he does not want to approach them alone.

Inside the cave is the group, and Aloy will have to talk to them to avoid any conflict. You will then have to gather some supplies from Riverwatch to help out the group. After you reach RIverwatch, you will have to pull the metal out of the wall to loot the War Chest, which has the supplies you are looking for. You will need to use your Pullcaster to shoot down the wooden pallet from the crane.

While you get the chest, Jaxx and Sokorra attract the attention of some machines and it is up to you to deal with them. After dealing with the machines, talk to the NPCs one more time and head back to the cave.

Jaxx offers to take the blind Tenakth man to the Plainsong to heal him while others stay in the wild and wait. After a brief conversation with the NPCs involved in the story, the quest ends and you get your rewards.

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