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Horizon Forbidden West 1.05 patch notes address several launch bugs

The first HFW patch notes are live, addressing most common launch issues.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022 12:00 pm
Horixon Forbidden West patch notes
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Guerilla is here with the first Horizon Forbidden West patch notes to address some launch day problems. However, the first HFW patch notes will not address all concerns, but there are so many positive changes for the game. Below, we will highlight the biggest changes in Horizon Forbidden West patch notes and what you can expect next time you play.

HFW patch notes

If you’re one of those who found issues with several of the main quests, you’ll be pleased to know a few are getting addressed. The ‘Reach for the Stars’, ‘Eye of the Earth’, ‘Cradle of Echoes’, and ‘The Sea of Sands’ quests are quests that had issues. One had the quest giver wander off after game reload, while others had progression bugs. Others had issues that could make your or the quest giver depart from the game world in exciting fashions. The same can be said for several side quests, where the NPCs would not be where they said they are, or had interesting pathing, shall we say.

You’ll also be pleased to know the game is much more stable for those with technical issues. Fewer crashes, better HUD technicality, fewer graphical anomalies, no more lagging icons and other obscure visual effects are all things you can expect when you download the new patch. You may also find better frame rates in certain situations thanks to optimization efforts now that the game is in the hands of more gamers.

However, the team over at Guerilla is aware of a few issues they cannot patch this time around. When the player camera moves, these are screen saturation, sharpening or shimmering effects. In addition, some infinite loading screens still need addressing, as do Aloy’s blurry face in photo mode and a progression blocking bug in the Reach for the Stars quest.

For those who fancy a longer read on the first HFW patch notes, you can head over to the Reddit page for a full look at the changelog.

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