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How to Find All Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West

Here is a quick guide on obtaining every Survey Drone in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 7:12 pm
Survery Drones

There are ten survey drones that you can collect in Horizon Forbidden West. However, all of them are spread across the map, and finding them can be difficult. Collecting all ten of the drones will offer you decorations for The Base’s Dome. Here is a quick guide on obtaining every Survey Drone in Horizon Forbidden West.

Finding all Survey Drones in Horizon Forbidden West

Survey Drone 024 – No Man’s Land: The first Survey Drone is 305 southeast of Stone’s Echo and 474 meters southwest of No Man’s Land Relic Ruin, in a Thunderjaw site.

Survey Drone 047 – Plainsong: The Plainsong Survey drone is 203 meters Northeast of Plainsong. It is located within the ruins of a base of a mountain.

Survey Drone 143 – Dry Yearn: The Dry Yearn Survey Drone is 120 meters northeast of The Dry Year Relic Ruins.

Survey Drone 287 – Greenswell: The Greenswell Survey Drone is 300 meters north of module 143 in the Dry Year. You can use the wooded platform near the Campfire to jump over to the Greenswell survey drone.

Survey Drone 739 – Sheerside Mountains: Head 350 meters north of The Bulwark to find the Sheerside Mountains’ Survey Drone. You may need your Sunwing to comfortably reach this location.

Survey Drone 678 – Graypeak: The Graypeak Survey Drone is near a wooden platform 525 meters northwest of The Memorial Grove. It is one of the trickiest drones to get and you need to be quick at grabbing the drone which will be hanging below a wooden platform.

Survey Drone 863 – Isle of Spires: Use the Sunwing to head 115 meters west of Legacy’s Landfall to find the drone.

Survey Drone 398 – Stand of the Sentinels: Head 600 meters south of The Greenhouse and you will find a fallen tree with wooden platforms on the east side. Parkour your way through the area using the environmental clues to find the drone.

Survey Drone 549  – Thornmarsh: The drone is near a campfire and a rock sign 175 meters west of Thornmarsh. There is a large tree with a grapple point leading to the drone.

Survey Drone 367 – The Stillstands: The drone is 70 meters southeast of Hidden Ember. The ruins in the area look like a castle and they house a tower that has the drone in the eastern wall.

Once you have all the Drone modules, head to the Dome Display in Gaia’s chamber and you will unlock all associated rewards. Players can collect these drones in any order and we recommend going for them only after you get access to the Sunwing to make collecting the drone modules a lot easier.

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