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Horizon Forbidden West: Lofty Ambitions guide

Here’s how to complete Lofty Ambitions quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022 9:42 am
Lofty Ambitious

Lofty Ambitions is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that is available after completing the Sea of Sands main quest in the campaign. The recommended level for the quest is 24 and it rewards players with 6,000 XP, two skill points, and one Oseram Striker. The quest follows the story of Morlund who has set his sights on the skies and wants to fly. He wants Aloy to him out so he can create a new invention, allowing him to soar the skies with his contraption.

How to Complete Lofty Ambitions in Horizon Forbidden West

The quest can be a little tricky to find. You have to make your way through the elevator shaft in the ruin with the Dragon Statue. Try to avoid taking fall damage on the way down and proceed to the objective marker.

You will be led into a big open area and there are multiple machines that you need to take out. Since this is a mid-game mission, you should deal with the machines so you can collect some much-needed parts. Find a broken window that you can slip through, and it will take you to the next part of the mission.

Crawl through the small space and head into the next big room which has a golden dragon. You need to snag a burner. If you don’t know how to make your way through to the burner, use your Focus and some objects will be highlighter, triggering dialogue to help you out. Ignite the firegleam on the other side and you will be able to pull the visible crate into the main room.

Once you have access to the crate, take the burner to Molund. There will be a very long cutscene after which you will crash into the ground after trying out his devices. Deal with the machines that want to ambush you and free Morlund. Make your way across the chasm and deal with the Stormbird to complete the quest.

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