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Horizon Forbidden West The Way Home guide

Here's how to complete The Way Home quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022 11:01 pm
The Way Home

The Way Home is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that is unlocked after completing The Wings of the Ten in the main questline. Players need to unlock the flying mount from the main quest to complete the mission. The quest is located in Legacy’s Landfall and the recommended level for players is 32. Two Quen navigators want a gyrocompass to guide their fleet home and they want Aloy to retrieve the compass from one of their ships which were destroyed. The quest offers 8,000 XP and two skill points for completion.

How to Complete The Way Home in Horizon Forbidden West

Talk to Harriem and Kristia to start the quest and head to the designated location. By using the flying mount, head to the shipwreck in the Legacy’s Landfall area and kill the machines or sneak past them. Once you are in the shipwreck, look for the gyrocompass in the scrap piles. After going through all of the scrap piles. Head back to Harriem and Kristia and fly south of the shipwreck this time using your Sunwing flying mount. Look for the sunken ship that should have the resources you need for the gyrocompass.

You need to find a sensor unit and multiple batteries. Use your focus to highlight objects that can be picked up. Once you have all three batteries, travel to the new objective area that is marked on your map.

Once you are in the marked area, you will need to take down a Dreadwing and gather a sensor unit, which is necessary to make the gyrocompass. Once you hand over the parts, Harriem and Kristia will be able to rebuild the gyrocompass and go home. The quest offers 8,000 XP in the mid-game which is very useful if you want to level up your character to face tougher foes.

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