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Horizon Forbidden West Upgrade Materials Guide for Weapons

Here’s a quick guide on how to upgrade your weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 12:26 pm
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While playing Horizon Forbidden West, your weapons and gear need to be maintained at all times if you wish to tackle the most difficult enemies in the game. Even the basic weapons can be upgraded to make Aloy a lot stronger. Here’s a quick guide on how to upgrade your weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

Obtaining Upgrade Materials for Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

If you are starting off in Horizon Forbidden West, you should keep an eye out at all times for shiny green crystals. They are called Greenshine and are essential for crafting and upgrading weapons. They are typically found near ponds and lakes and you should actively try to pick up all of the Greenshine that you see when exploring the map.

If you explore the vines near metal flowers or head to the Sunken Caverns, you will find a consistent amount of Greenshine to upgrade your weapons. You should also be conservative with the resource as Legendary and Very Rare weapons require a substantial amount of Greenshine. 

Other weapon materials typically include metal shards and wire which are available in plenty throughout the game and you do not need to actively farm for the resources to upgrade your weapons.

Upgrading Weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

Workbenches are located throughout the map and you can head to any one of them to upgrade your gear.

  1. Find a workbench and hit the Triangle button
  2. Select weapon upgrades
  3. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade
  4. Hold X to see what materials are necessary
  5. Press X to upgrade

We recommend visiting a workbench every now and then to ensure you have all of the upgrades you can get. Some enemies can be very frustrating to beat if you cannot deal enough damage to them.

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