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How to play Sons of the Forest early access – Start Time Prediction

Updated: Feb 20, 2023 4:31 pm
how to get red mask in sons of the forest

With the Sons of the Forest early access going live on the 23rd of February, many fans are probably wondering just how they can get their hands on it. If you’re wondering how to play Sons of the Forest early access, and additionally when it starts, read on to find out more.

Is Sons of the Forest cross platform & crossplay?

How to play Sons of the Forest early access

The game is now on Steam, however, at the moment, the game is still has only Wishlist status.

You will be able to play Sons of the Forest early access on PC via Steam. It will cost $29.99, but the game is only available to Wishlist.

The game will remain in early access for six to eight months according to developers.

Can you use a controller for Sons of the Forest PC?

Sons of the Forest early access start time prediction

Endnight Games has confirmed that The Sons of the Forest release date is February 23, 2023, on PC via Steam, with an initial early access launch.

However, in terms of start time, we don’t have anything concrete to go off. However, for the better part of 2023, we have found that in most cases the majority of Steam games are released to the general public at 10 AM PST.

Is Sons of the Forest coming to PS5?

So, whilst this is not the case for all games, it’s the general release time. So for Sons of the Forest, the release time predictions are:

  • 6 PM GMT
  • 10 AM PST
  • 12 PM CT
  • 1 PM EST

That’s all we have for you currently, check out our other pages or any guides, queries and answers for your burning questions for new releases like Hogwarts Legacy and Wild Hearts too.

Who is the girl in Sons of the Forest?

According to the fandom site, Virginia is the woman seen in the Sons of The Forest Trailers. Her name is shared with the multiple legged mutant of the first game, and shares the trait of multiple limbs, but is still quite different as well as having her humanity intact.

Is Sons of the Forest a sequel or a prequel?

There has been nothing released to date that suggests that Sons of the Forest will be set before events in The Forest.

There are a few theories flying around that it could run along a similar timeline and feature more of Timmy, the child that went missing after the plane crash in the original game but our money is that the game will arrive and be set as a traditional sequel, set a period of time after the end of The Forest.

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