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Dead Island 2 is not open world, but areas will feel like it.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 11:59 am
Dead Island 2 Gameplay Screenshot of LA Vista

Is Dead Island 2 open world? Players looking to play the newest Dead Island are wondering whether the sequel will open access to the possibilities of a fully-fledged open world experience, we’ll break it down for you here!

Plenty of games nowadays have a massive open world for you to run around and explore. Games like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West have massive open areas that are worth exploring so you can find hidden secrets. There are also games that seem to have an open world but are blocked by narrative progression, forcing you to complete parts of the game before you can progress onward.

Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

Unfortunately, Dead Island 2 is not open world, however there is potential for the game to have open-world like areas.

Does Dead Island 2 have open-world areas?

As addressed above, Dead Island 2 is not open world – Dead Island 2 is strictly a linear game with open-world elements. While playing through the game, you will have large areas to explore, but it won’t be a fully open world.

Areas such as Venice Beach, which is the biggest area in Dead Island 2 will definitely have that ‘open-world’ feel to it, whereas areas such as Metro and Hollywood Boulevard are pretty tiny, so it will feel opposite of that!

While this may be disappointing, there are plenty of other RPG elements that the game has. However while there is areas to roam including fast travel, the game does not classify as an open world due to structure.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Screenshot of Zombie on beach

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Players will have quests to take on and will meet lots of NPCs. These NPCs will sometimes offer side quests that you can complete to get additional rewards. There are plenty of other questions being asked about the game like whether it will be on last-gen consoles or not.

Dead Island 2 Open World FAQs

Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

There are some elements of open world in Dead Island 2, however it will mostly consist of linear gameplay with large areas to explore.

Why is Dead Island 2 not open world?

The main reason behind Dead Island 2 not being open world is due to how linear the gameplay is. Fans of the game will expect to follow an array of quests and side quests to complete the game.

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