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How to create a player in franchise mode on Madden 24

Updated: Aug 15, 2023 1:39 pm
How to create a player in franchise mode on Madden 24

Do you want to create a player in Madden NFL 24? There are multiple game modes that you can enjoy across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Madden 24 has many new features and mechanics such as better coaches, more skillful AI, and franchise training camps.

Franchise mode allows you to create a player in career mode. In career mode, you can help your character rise to the top and be a superstar. The gameplay is very similar to previous titles but with many enhancements and upgrades that fans will enjoy.

Don’t let anything slow your momentum, a good player needs to be able to tackle and dive at the drop of a dime. Use the tools at your disposal to beat out any blitz and celebrate your victories when you score that game-winning touchdown. This guide will show you how to create a player in Madden 24.

How to create a player in Madden 24

Character creation is not a feature that you will have right away. This feature is available in Franchise mode. You can also create a player from the menu. To do this, launch the game and head to the main menu.

Once there, go to the player creation menu on the right. In this menu, you will see all the options. In the creation center, select the create player option. This will allow you to build a player for your favorite team.

You can modify multiple settings from player height and weight to the size of your different appendages. Select from the different features and confirm to make your character. There are many other features as well that you will have access to as you delve deeper into the character creator.

You determine your character’s behavior and looks. Remember, created characters are only for offline game modes and cannot be used online. Online, you must use the players from the actual teams.

Franchise mode in Madden 24 will feature multiple new mini-games for you to try out. EA Sports has included multiple ways of altering your XP. Be sure to also check out Superstar mode and Superstar Showdown.

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