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Madden 24 Safety Ratings – Top safeties ranked

Updated: Aug 14, 2023 2:40 pm
Madden 24 Safety Ratings – Top safeties ranked

All of the player ratings for every single position in Madden NFL 24 were revealed. Safety is a vital position to NFL units as it’s the last line of defense between someone and a touchdown. Having a good one is vital to a franchise, so here is the official top 10 list. 

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All ratings below were revealed by EA’s official Madden NFL 24 ratings page.

Who are the best safeties in Madden NFL 24?

Here are the best safeties, both free safety and strong safety positions, in the upcoming Madden from EA Sports. Honorable mentions include Jamal Adams, Eddie Jackson, Quandre Diggs, Jimmie Ward, Jevon Holland, and others:

  1. Micah Hyde – 89 OVR
  2. Jordan Poyer – 90 OVR
  3. Harrison Smith – 90 OVR
  4. Budda Baker – 91 OVR
  5. Tyrann Mathieu – 91 OVR
  6. Jessie Bates III – 91 OVR
  7. Kevin Byard – 92 OVR
  8. Justin Simmons – 92 OVR
  9. Minkah Fitzpatrick – 93 OVR
  10. Derwin James – 95 OVR

Below we’ll go over each player in detail.

10) Micah Hyde – 89 OVR

Micah Hyde is an exceptional safety for the Buffalo Bills. He’s within the top 10 for Madden NFL 24 and that’s a fair and accurate safety rating. Somehow, he’s not even the best safety on his team, though. 

9) Jordan Poyer – 90 OVR

The Bills have an exceptional backline. Their two safeties are in the top 10 of the position for Madden, so they will be a popular team to use. Jordan Poyer slides in as a 90 overall safety, and that’s perhaps putting it a bit lightly for his talent level. 

8) Harrison Smith – 90 OVR

Harrison Smith used to be the best safety in the NFL. Time has sort of caught up to him, but he’s still an elite defender at the back of the Minnesota Vikings’ defense. He’s still capable of tracking down elite running backs and covering top wide receivers with ease. 

7) Budda Baker – 91 OVR

Budda Baker has requested a trade from the Arizona Cardinals. They’ve said they don’t want to trade him, and they have a good reason for that. The excellent safety is among one of the best at his position. New head coach Jonathan Gannon is a former defensive coordinator, and it’s rare to join such a bad team with an elite defender like Baker. 

6) Tyrann Mathieu – 91 OVR

it’s been quite some time since Tyrann Mathieu entered the league, but he remains one of the best NFL players for the New Orleans Saints. He can fly all over the field and make every single play there is to make. He’ll be in the backfield making a tackle for loss on one play and defending a pass deep down the field the next. 

5) Jessie Bates III – 91 OVR

Jessie Bates III made it very easy for the Atlanta Falcons to sign him from the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s one of the best safeties and is more than capable of handling the back line for them. They can pair him with a lesser defender opposite him and not lose much defensive quality because he’s just that good. He was quickly signed when free agency started as he’s a rare talent. 

4) Kevin Byard – 92 OVR

The Tennessee Titans do not have an overwhelming number of elite players. They’re on the verge of needing a total rebuild, but Kevin Byard is and has been one of their most valuable players (one could argue he’s more valuable than even Derrick Henry). He’s a top-flight safety that Madden players will enjoy using. 

3) Justin Simmons – 92 OVR

Justin Simmons has long been the anchor of what is almost always a top-of-the-league unit with the Denver Broncos. He can do it all: stop the run and defend the pass, and he is a leader on the defense. He’s always been a bit unheralded, but his Madden rating is an accurate representation of his skill. 

2) Minkah Fitzpatrick – 93 OVR

Minkah Fitzpatrick is one of the best ball hawks in the sport regardless of position. The Pittsburgh Steelers safety has been all over the field since entering the league and his Madden rating understands that. NFL offenses need to know where he is, and so do Madden 24 players. 

1) Derwin James – 95 OVR

The hard-hitting safety for the Los Angeles Chargers has developed a reputation as one of the most intimidating safeties in the league. He’s had a few injuries that have kept him off the field, but he’s been nothing short of incredible when he’s been on the field. He’s arguably the best safety in football regardless of position, and Madden 24 seems to agree.

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