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Multiversus Taz Move List

Full list of Taz's moves in Multiversus

Updated: Jul 29, 2022 9:36 am
Multiversus Taz Move List

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Are you wondering what Taz’s move list is in Multiversus?

Here you’ll find a full list of Taz’s moves alongside descriptions of what they do.

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MultiVersus Taz Move List

Multiversus Cover
Image via Player First Games

Taz Attacks

Neutral Attack (Square/X)

  • Ground: Soup’s On!

Taz guzzles a pot of soup while Armored, Charging a spit Projectile. The split can be aimed up and down and deals Tasty.

  • In air variation: Soup-er Spinner

Similar to ground, but Taz spins as he spews, hitting enemies backward.

Side Attack (Left/Righte + Square/X)

  • Ground: Well-Seasoned

A Combo of salt and pepper seasoning that deals Tasty before transitioning into a tornado spin.

  • In air variation: Feed the Beast

Taz Charges a forward bite

Up Attack (Up + Square/X)

  • Ground: Slam-Wich

Taz Charges then slams together a sandwich overhead, dealing Tasty. Taz can move while charging.

  • In air variation: Flying Slam-Wich

Similar to Ground-Up without Charge.

Down Attack (Down + Square/X)

  • Ground: Stomp Stomp Stomp!

Taz Charges a stomp that Breaks Armor. The stomp hits further with a longer Charge.

  • In air variation: Sunder Down Under

Taz spins his legs into a tornado and drills downward, Breaking Armor.

Taz Specials

Multiversus Taz Move List 1
Image via Player First Games

Neutral Special (Triangle/Y)

  • Ground: Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out

Taz gulps up enemies, Disabling them. He can also eat Projectiles, destroying them, and powering up his Down Special. Hold input to keep Taz’s mouth open and gulp incoming Projectiles. Repeatedly press down or neutral input to chew enemies, dealing Damage. Press up, forward, or back input to spit out enemies. Enemies that have been eaten can Struggle.

  • In air variation: Eat On The Fly

Similar to ground, though Taz can spit enemies down but can’t chew on them.

Side Special (Left/Right + Triangle/Y)

  • Ground: Taz-Nado

Taz spins forward into a tornado, hitting enemies multiple times. If Taz passes an ally, his tornado’s duration is increased. Passing an ally gives them Hasten briefly.

  • In air variation: Taz-Nado

Similar to the ground with more upward movement.

Up Special (Up + Triangle/Y)

  • Ground: Dogpile! Dogpile!

Taz starts a dogpile Projectile that gradually grows in size. The dogpile hits multiple times after an enemy enters, ending with a powerful finish. On Cooldown, Taz will instead jump up and swipe twice.

  • In air variation: Dogpile! Dogpile!

Similar to ground.

Down Special (Down + Triangle/Y)

  • Ground: You Spit What You Eat

Taz burps a chewed apple Projectile that deals a small amount of Tasty. If Taz has eaten a Projectile with his Neutral Special, he will instead burp out that Projectile, dealing a large amount of Tasty.

  • In air variation: You Spit What You Eat

Similar to ground.

MultiVersus Taz Move List – Passive Abilities

Multiversus Taz Move List 2
Image via Player First Games
  • Passive: Bottomless Pit

Some of Taz’s attacks deal Tasty. Tasty enemies receive Stacks of Tasty whenever they are knocked back.

When Tasty reaches max Stacks, the enemy becomes Cooked and can’t attack. When a Cooked enemy takes Damage, bits of chicken break off that will Heal Taz or his allies if picked up.

Taz will also lick damaged allies he passes and Heal them slightly. Licking an ally has a Cooldown.

Taz’s kit revolves around stacking damage and breaking armor. You need to plan out your attacks and chain them into combos to get the most stacks of Tasty.


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