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NBA 2K24 How to shoot

Updated: Sep 14, 2023 3:05 pm
NBA 2K24 How to shoot

Shooting the basketball is perhaps the most important part of the sport, so naturally, it’s vital to NBA 2K24. It’s the only real way to score, so hitting shots is the only way you can win a game. There are different types of shots, from a layup to a mid-range shot and the three-pointer, but they all have to be shot. Here’s how to do that correctly in NBA 2K24.

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How do I shoot in NBA 2K24?

Fortunately, shooting in NBA 2K24 is not hard. It only requires the mash of a button or the pull of a joystick. If you’re using buttons, you have to press and hold until the shot meter fills up and release it at the right moment. Anything too early or too late negatively impacts the chances you score.

Taking a jump shot usually has a very small green bar at the top of the meter. It’s your job to get as close to that as possible, which is easier said than done. For buttons, push and hold the X button on Xbox, the Y button on Nintendo Switch, or the cross button on PlayStation. This is the shot button on console. If you use the joystick, you need to pull the right stick back away from the basket until you’re ready to release and then let go of the stick.

The closer you get to hitting that green bar, the better your chances of scoring. The closer you are to the basket, the bigger the bar gets. Your badges (like limitless scorer or space creator) and attributes can also impact the size. For example, a layup has a much bigger bar than three-pointers. Defensive pressure can affect this, too.

New players with low overalls will likely have more trouble shooting. If you manage to hit the green bar, though, it will go in no matter what unless it is blocked. Hitting that excellent shot release gives you the best chance of scoring.

In controller settings, you can adjust the shot timing visual cue. This will give you a small hint as to when it’s best to release the shoot button.

NBA 2K24 is out for Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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