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Amazon Games create New World Halloween skins available now

We go through all the New World Halloween skins you can purchase through the microtransaction store.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:46 pm
Amazon Games create New World Halloween skins available now

Amazon Games has announced that the New World Halloween event is now live. While nothing is changing in-game, there are plenty of spooky New World Halloween skins in the store. Here is what you can grab from the New World in-game store.

New World Halloween Skins

Since New World launched on September 28, the in-game store hasn’t really changed all too much. However, October 21 is the first day that the store cosmetics has changed. The day celebrates the all-new New World Halloween skins, which you can buy and apply to your gear slots.

There are new skins, each taking on a different theme of Samhain, aka Halloween. There are:

  • Black Widow Staff – spider-themed Fire and Life Staff, 8500 Marks.
  • Bloodthirsty Count – Vampire count outfit, 14000 Marks.
  • Crimson Bloodlock – Musket, 8500 Marks.
  • Demon Mask – A red mask with spiked shoulders and devil horns, 7000 Marks.
  • Elemental Mask – Helmet and chest piece that looks like it was pulled straight off a tree in Edengrove, 7000 Marks.
  • Elusive One Mask – some sort of charade mask and chest piece. 7000 Marks.
  • Frankenstein’s Hammer – Green and thick Warhammer skin, 8500 Marks.
  • Pharoah’s Curse – Egyptian Pharoah themed Great Axe; that reminds me of something you’d find in WoW’s BFA expansion. It would go great with the Shroud of the Pharoah outfit. The Curse costs 8500 Marks.
  • Plague Doctor Mask – Syndicate players, rejoice, 7000 Marks.
  • Shroud of the Pharoah – Mummy outfit, 14000 Marks.
  • Skeletal Chevalier – Skeleton plate armor, 16000 Marks. – IMO it is not too dissimilar from the skeleton themed armor in the store already.
  • Skeletal Rapier – Bone sword, 8500 Marks.

Housing Items:

  • Bubbling Cauldron
  • Enchanted Broom
  • Haunted Candelabra
  • Potion Maker’s kit
  • Scapegrace Jack’s Lanterns (x3 varients)
  • Stolen Gravestone
  • The Conjuring Crystal
  • Vermiculated Curtains

There are several other New World Halloween event cosmetics, such as dyes and emotes. If you’re interested, you can log into the game and try on the outfits and weapons before committing to a purchase. Alternatively, head over to the official blog post regarding the New World Halloween skins and event here.

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Image via Amazon Games.

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