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Starfield XP farm- How to level up fast

Updated: Sep 12, 2023 3:17 pm
Starfield XP farm- How to level up fast

Do you want to collect XP fast in Starfield? Those who are explorers, jumping from planet to planet completing quests, and building outposts are bound to get a lot of XP gains. Of course, there are often ways to get a large amount of XP without completing side-quests.

Starfield has a wealth of things to do, from unlocking companions and discovering new locations to joining factions and defeating powerful alien creatures. This RPG is bound to keep you occupied for a long time.

Whether it is by persuading pirates on a distant planet or smuggling contraband onto a planet, there are many ways to get experience in Starfield. While you gather XP, be sure to farm for some legendary items as well. Here is how to level up fast in Starfield – the best way to farm XP.

How to get experience in Starfield

There are a lot of different methods of getting experience in Starfield. The following methods can be used:

  • Completing missions (main story and side-quests)
  • Defeating enemies
  • Exploring
  • Helping Factions
  • Interacting with NPCs
  • Console Commands

Since Starfield is an RPG, there are a lot of different actions you can take that will net you some sort of experience gain. If you choose to avoid combat and persuade an enemy instead, you will still get some experience for the interaction.

While exploring, you will get experience if you scan planets and the local wildlife and fauna. This will get you small amounts of experience while you are performing other tasks such as defeating enemies and completing missions.

If you want to get experience really fast and cheat while you are at it, you can use console commands on PC to instantly level up. Keep in mind that this also disables achievements.

How to farm XP in Starfield

If you want to farm experience in Starfield, the best ways to do so are by traveling to planets and completing quests. Quests will get you the biggest experience gains in the entire game so sticking to completing main missions and side missions will get you the extra XP you are looking for. Pay attention to mission boards as well for more quests.

To increase your experience even further, you can try sleeping. Sleeping will get you the well-rested bonus which grants you a 10% increase in experience gains. The skill points you gain will be enough rewards for continuing these tricks.

With your well-rested bonus, you will get more experience from all sources. It is a nice XP boost while you are performing other activities. Setting the game to an easier difficulty can also help with getting XP as this does not alter the experience gains that you get and instead only changes the rarity of the weapons and armor you find.

Defeating spacers is the easiest way to get XP since they’re weak. If you take a nap on your ship before exploring an abandoned area in space, you can use the XP buff to gain a lot of experience points while you defeat enemies. So make sure to take advantage of the XP bonus you get from the well-rested perk.

If you decide to farm enemies for experience, you can easily just kill them with your laser cutter to avoid wasting ammo.

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