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How Do Alchemical Afflictions Work in Steelrising?

It burns, it burns!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022 10:02 am
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What exactly are Alchemical Afflictions and how do they work in Steelrising?

You’ll find an answer to this question as well as a list of all Alchemical Afflictions available in Steelrising below.

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How do Alchemical Afflictions Work in Steelrising?

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Alchemical Afflictions in Steelrising work in a similar way to elements in many games. You have elemental weapons or additional damage types that can be applied to weapons, causing additional Alchemical Damage to your opponents.

You’ll see a circle meter with a symbol representing the Alachemical Affliction (freeze, electrocute, ignite) next to an enemy or Aegis that fills up. When the full circle is full, the status effect is applied to the target.

Some weapons come with fixed Afflictions. You can see the value in the stats menu on the Attributes tab where you level up Aegis.

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All Alchemical Afflictions

  • Flame Afflictions – sets your enemies on fire
  • Frost Afflictions – freezes the target on the spot
  • Fulmination Afflictions – electrocutes the target

Frost is great to immobilize enemies and score some additional hits. It can chain well with the knockdown effect.

Igniting an enemy works great, especially when using grenades, to make enemies burn for a long amount of time and for you to stay back and regenerate health for example.

Electrocution pairs well with light weapons and chain attacks. It stacks incredibly well.

When ingited, Aegis can also extinguish herself faster by spamming the dodge button, Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox. She can also thaw faster by attacking using R1/R2 on PlayStation or RB/RT on Xbox when frozen.


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