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The Day Before to reveal more gameplay this month – footage, news & trailers

A developer at FNTASTIC is promising brand-new gameplay footage of The Day Before prior to the game's launch.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023 2:01 pm
The Day Before to reveal more gameplay this month – footage, news & trailers

The Day Before has been long awaited for many years now since its first announcement back in 2021. Since then, developers FNTASTIC have been drip feeding us small quantities of updates, trailers, news and more. However, recently, new gameplay footage has arisen, which shows some pretty spectacular details about the game.

Not only this, been it’s been announced that new raw footage is to be revealed this January! More on that to come. Let’s take a look at the announcement and the gameplay trailers.

Is The Day Before cross platform & crossplay?

FNTASTIC promises more gameplay footage in January

The Day Before developers FNTASTIC say that they’ll be shortly revealing some “raw gameplay footage” for the DayZ, The Division, and Rust-esque survival game. The game currently stands at second on the global Steam wishlist chart as we approach release date, March 1st 2023

Going from the tweet from the account @SkillUpYT, a screenshot from The Day Before Discord server sho-ws one of the devs claiming that they will be showing raw gameplay footage before the game’s release.

The Day Before System Requirements

The announcement also states that the gameplay will be showcasing the majority of the features and various elements their community has been requesting to see. It also promises it will provide “a clear glimpse into the current state of development for The Day Before.” 

Screenshot 1
See the original Tweet here.

Whilst we understand the brutally honest – albeit snarky – comments from Skill Up, it’s always nice to be delivered this kind of news. The twitter account many commenters seem sceptical about the game sticking to it’s release date, but I think we’ve all learnt from games like Cyberpunk 2077 that we’d much rather a complete game than a punctual one, if we had to choose between on or the other.

The Day Before gameplay trailers

On January 4, 2022, FNTASTIC dropped a video to their YouTube channel showcasing The Day Before’s use of ray tracing. The video was titled “The Day Before Official GeForce RTX 4K Gameplay Reveal.”

What we then went on to see was an exclusive from IGN of around 11 minutes of gameplay footage from The Day Before. This revealed much of the games combat and game mechanics, whilst showing some of the terrain and vehicle use.

Is The Day Before open world?

This was released all the way back in April of 2022, and gave fans a morsel to chew on, yet nothing – save a few gameplay trailers – has given us such a lengthy look at what the game will be like. Despite the shocking aim from the person playing, we can see some much needed content.

We might also expect that since then some things might have changed, making us all the more excited for this new gameplay footage to be released. Hopefully we’ll see more of the multiplayer side of the game too.

That’s all we have at the moment, rest assured when this “raw footage” is released, we will have the necessary updates to bring you.

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