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XDefiant Open Beta end time

Updated: Jun 23, 2023 4:22 pm
XDefiant Open Beta end time

XDefiant is the newest first-person shooter to be generating plenty of hype, as any game from a publisher as prolific as Ubisoft would.

While the release date is still being speculated, fans have been eagerly awaiting its launch on their favorite console, and trying to get in on the action any way they can. This includes the open beta taking place starting June 21, following the closed beta from April.

The open beta is full of gameplay, but you’ll need to know when the XDefiant open beta ends to maximize your playtime. We’re here to let you know.

When does the XDefiant Open Beta end?

The XDefiant Open Session will close at the following times:

  • Friday, June 23 at 11pm PDT
  • Saturday, June 24 at 2am EST
  • Saturday, June 24 at 7am BST

As you can see, the beta will end at a singular moment, however, this will be a different time and even end date depending on what time zone you are in. Whether it ends late at night or early in the morning depends on where you are.

The open beta is the latest XDefiant beta to take place, to test for server stability, scout potential bugs, and give gamers their first impressions of the title.

If you want in on all the fast-paced action and combat XDefiant has to offer before the official release of the game, you’ll have to join the beta before these times. The XDefiant open beta end date is so far concrete, but we’ll update this article if anything changes.

XDefiant is Ubisoft’s latest first-person arena shooter, taking place in Tom Clancy’s universe. The game features five factions from other famous Ubisoft games, including Libertads from Far Cry 6, Echelons from Splinter Cell, Phantoms from Ghost Recon, DedSec from WatchDogs, and Cleaners from The Division.

There are plenty of maps to play on from popular locations in Ubisoft games, as well as brand-new maps designed specifically for XDefiant. The game features both arena modes and progression modes for play in the open beta, including Domination, Occupy, Zone Control, and Escort. More modes will be coming for the full release of the game coming during the Summer of 2023.

XDefiant will be coming to both PC and consoles including the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. This sadly does not include last-gen consoles. There is no official XDefiant release date, however, we know it will be in the summer. You can follow Ubisoft on the official website for the latest news on the game.

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