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XDefiant release date prediction – when might the free-to-play game launch?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023 12:24 pm
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XDefiant is Ubisoft’s upcoming free-to-play arena shooter and even though it’s only in a beta period right now, many folks are curious as to what the proper XDefiant release date is or might be.

Well, we’re here to gather up the evidence, bits of information, and speculation about what might indicate a potential release window, and how long we might have to wait.

What is the XDefiant release date?

Cutting to it, Ubisoft has not confirmed a full release date for XDefiant yet. With the game currently in a closed beta (here’s how to get an XDefiant beta code), Ubisoft is clearly giving the game time to mature, get optimised (and downright fixed in some cases), ensure the servers will be stable, and refind the whole game before it gets a full release.

If you can’t get a code or don’t have the time to jump in into the beta – or you’re coming to this late – you can read our XDefiant preview to get a taste of what it’s like, how it feels, and what it will offer once it does release. However, one thing to hold onto is that as we know XDefiant is free at least we won’t have to spend any money on it or save up money specifically for it before it releases.

Xdefiant closed beta information

If you’re interested in testing and playing the game before the full release date, whenever that might be, then getting access to the closed beta is the way forward. At time of writing (April 19th) the closed beta is still live, and will run until April 23rd, 11pm PT / 8pm ET / 3pm BST – so there’s plenty of time left still. However, given the feedback and the server problems that the beta has suffered from, we don’t know if the beta might be extended – we mention this as it could be possible given those problems.

If you’re looking for more information on XDefiant then we’ve got you covered, answering questions like: is XDefiant crossplay?, is XDefiant on game pass?, and is XDefiant on Steam?

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