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Apple Event Time Zone Start Times, When Does Apple Event Start?

What Time Does The Apple Event Start Today In my Time Zone?

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Apple Event time zone start times listed here! Read on to find out when the Apple Event starts in your country.

UPDATE: this page is for the previous year’s Apple Event, check out the Apple Event time zone start times for this year on our Apple Event 2022 page.

Be sure to also check out our Apple Event Live Blog for all the major updates coming out of the event that you need to know.


When Does The Apple Event Start? Apple Event Time

The Apple event begins today on September 14, 2021 for most of the world, though it begins in the early hours of September 15, 2021 for those in the earliest Pacific time zones.

The precise Apple Event start time is 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 6PM BST on September 14, 2021 (or 1AM ACT on September 15, 2021 in Australia).

A more detailed list of the Apple Event Start Time in all the major timezones is as follows:

Apple Event Hawaii start time (Honolulu) — 7:00 AM HAST
Apple Event Alaska start time (Anchorage)  — 9:00 AM AKDT
Apple Event, California start time (Cupertino) — 10:00 AM PDT
Apple Event Arizona start time (Phoenix) — 10:00 AM MST
Apple Event Canada start time (Vancouver) — 10:00 AM PDT
Apple Event Colorado start time (Denver) — 11:00 AM MDT
Apple Event Texas start time (Dallas) — 12:00 noon CDT
Apple Event New York start time (New York) — 1:00 PM EDT
Apple Event North Carolina start time (Raleigh) — 1:00 PM EDT
Apple Event Canada start time (Toronto) — 1:00 PM EDT
Apple Event Canada start time (Halifax) — 2:00 PM ADT
Apple Event Brazil start time (Rio de Janeiro) — 2:00 PM BRT
Apple Event United Kingdom start time (London) — 6:00 PM BST
Apple Event Germany start time (Berlin) — 7:00 PMCEST
Apple Event France start time (Paris) — 7:00 PM CEST
Apple Event South Africa start time (Cape Town) — 7:00 PM. SAST
Apple Event Russia start time (Moscow) — 8:00 PM MSK
Apple Event Finland start time (Helsinki) — 8:00 PM EEST
Apple Event Turkey start time (Istanbul) — 8:00 PM TRT
Apple Event United Arab Emirates start time (Dubai) — 9:00 PM GST
Apple Event India start time (Delhi) — 10:30 PM IST
Apple Event Indonesia start time (Jakarta) — 12:00 PM WIB September 15th
Apple Event China start time (Shanghai) — 1:00 AM CST September 15th
Apple Event Singapore start time — 1:00 AM SGT September 15th
Apple Event Australia start time (Perth) — 1:00 AM AWST September 15th
Apple Event Hong Kong start time — 1:00 AM HKT September 15th
Apple Event South Korea start time (Seoul) — 2:00 AM KST September 15th
Apple Event Japan start time (Tokyo) — 2:00 AM JST September 15th
Apple Event Australia start time (Adelaide) — 2:30 AM ACST September 15th
Apple Event Australia start time (Sydney) — 3:00 AM AEST September 15th
Apple Event New Zealand start time (Auckland) — 5:00 AM NZST September 15th

Where Can I Watch The Apple Event?

The 2021 Apple Event can be watched on the following platforms:

Make sure to check out our Apple Event Live Blog for a summary of all the major news coming out of the event!


What To Expect At The Apple Event 2021

Apple Event 2021 – The New iPhone 13

The main attraction for the Apple Event 2021, will be the new iPhone 13. Although we don’t actually know if that if the new phone will be called iPhone 13 (numbers with superstitious connotations aren’t good for business, so 13 could be skipped!) we have got our first look at the new phones via leaks that have emerged from a third-party case manufacturer. Check out our Pre Order iPhone 13 page for more details of these leaks.

We are likely to see all the same versions of the new generation iPhone as we did with the previous one, so expect to see an iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max alongside the standard iPhone 13.

Apple Event 2021 – The New Apple Watch Series 7

Besides the new iPhone, one of the things we are fairly confident about seeing at the Apple Event is the new Apple Watch, though we don’t currently know much about what this will look like or what new features it may come with. Apple Watch Series 7 is the current name associated with this device.

Apple Event 2021 – The New AirPods

Apple’s signature wireless earbud headphones will likely be getting a revamp if rumors are to be believed. The unveiling of new Airpods at Apple Event 2021 is therefore probable, if not certain.

Apple Event 2021 – New iPads, New Macs?

There hasn’t been much in the way of rumors about Macs (iMacs or Macbooks) for this year’s Apple Event, so don’t hold your breath expecting to see much. iPads however may be more promising, though details on what we might see are thin on the ground. Either way – we’ll soon know!

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