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Players won’t be able to preinstall Baldur’s Gate 3

Updated: Aug 1, 2023 8:48 pm
Players won’t be able to preinstall Baldur’s Gate 3

While many games nowadays allow gamers to purchase early access and play games before their official release, allowing them to get a head start and enjoy the game before the big day. But then, for those that hadn’t gotten the chance to get early access for whatever reason, they would have the option to preload the game. This means they would have a big part, if not all of, the game installed to their PC or console before its release time, making it to that gamers can play the game immediately once its release time hints the clock.

Sadly, it seems Baldur’s Gate 3’s issues aren’t only with the game not allowing early access players to transfer their saved files, but that they also won’t be able to preload the game before release either.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s 122 GB download cannot be preinstalled

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a pretty big game, ranging to 122 GB without any new updates yet. This means that players will be waiting many hours, possibly, depending on their internet, to play the game once it releases. This is frustrating for so many players as they might not be able to start the download until they get home from work, pushing them back even more time on starting the game.

The size of the game has been confirmed based on the many listings on Steam and other sites where gamers can purchase the game. It was also confirmed that the developers aren’t allowing players to preinstall the game ahead of launch, this was shared via a community update for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam. This has frustrated many players to the point of even commenting on outlets’ news about this information saying, “Dead on arrival.” At the same time, other players are expressing concerns about how the last game they downloaded of this size was Jedi: Survivor, which then had many issues at launch that the developers had to fix.

Players in the comments continue to go on about how their internet won’t work with them well while trying to download a 122 game, which can be intense for any household internet. Other players go on to say that they might just skip it altogether and show continual frustration at not being able to preload it. Sadly enough, this probably won’t change before launch as it is far too close to the release for a major change in plans, so anyone who wants to play the game will have to download it when it launches.

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