Borderlands dev working on a new Brothers in Arms game

En Vanguard! Gearbox planning a return to the Battlefield, circa 1942.

brothers in arms
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When it comes to WWII shooters of a certain vintage, the Brothers in Arms series has probably been the one that has aged the best. Recognizing this, the creator of the Borderlands series (by way of its abrasive CEO) has revealed that a new Brothers in Arms game is under development.

There are no details about where of when the new BIA game is set, the gameplay we can expect, or a release date. Randy Pitchford has only said that we’ll know more closer to the game’s completion. The Borderlands 3 announcement only came about when the game was in beta, and it seems like we can expect the same policy to apply here. “Fans will just have to suffer,” Pitchford said.

Band of Brothers Road Trip 

Starting out creating expansions and ports for the original Half-Life, Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 was the first full game that Gearbox developed. Released in 2005, it was followed the same year by Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood. There have been various portable and mobile games since, but the series effectively ended with 2008’s Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. 

The Brothers in Arms series distinguished itself from the early Call of Duty and Battlefield games, by allowing you to switch between the various members of your squad at any point during your encounters. Latterly, the series failed to distinguish itself utterly when Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 was announced, which so incensed fans of the series that it was rebranded as just Furious 4, before having its assets and efforts “evolved” into the abortive Battleborn.

Yeah… We are very much hoping that the new Brothers in Arms game will be a return to the series’ boots-on-the-ground WWII origins, and not a glorified hero looter shooter masquerading as an Inglourious Basterds tie-in.