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Callisto Protocol release time info

Listing the Callisto Protocol Steam release time, Callisto Protocol Xbox release time, and Callisto Protocol PlayStation release time

Updated: Dec 1, 2022 12:38 pm
Callisto Protocol release time info

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If you’re looking for the Callisto Protocol release time, there’s actually been a couple of different ones stated by different platforms.

Whilst we know everyone is chomping at the bit to dive into this hugely anticipated survival horror game from the makers of Dead Space, and you have to wait a little bit longer, you can currently pre load the game to ensure you get stuck in as fast as possible.

Read below for the latest info on the Callisto Protocol release time for Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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When will the Callisto Protocol be released?

We’ve known that the Callisto Protocol release date has been scheduled for December 2nd for some time, though this actually depends on your timezone (see below for the exact date).

The release time has proven somewhat elusive and hasn’t been obviously stated anywhere by the publishers. Recently however we have seen the different platforms release different release times, which you can see below.

Callisto Protocol release time by platform & timezone

Confusingly different platforms have released different Callisto Protocol release time information. We’re not sure if that means some of them are incorrect, or whether the release time just differs depending on the console. Below is the latest information we have anyway:

  • Callisto Protocol release time for Microsoft Store / Xbox Store : 9PM PT (Dec 1st) / 12AM ET (Dec 2nd) / 5AM GMT (Dec 2nd)
  • Callisto Protocol release time for PlayStation Store : 9PM PT (Dec 1st) / 12AM ET (Dec 2nd) / 12AM GMT (Dec 2nd)
  • Callisto Protocol release time for Steam : 11PM PT (Dec 1st) / 2AM ET (Dec 2nd) / 7AM GMT (Dec 2nd)

Preload the Callisto Protocol ahead of the release time

As stated by the developers themselves on their official Twitter page, you can pre-load The Callisto Protocol now ahead of the game’s release time. The apparently applies to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game.

The Callisto Protocol release time Preload the Callisto protocol

Callisto Protocol release time FAQs

What time is the Callisto Protocal being released?

There is different information for the Callisto Protocal release time depending on the platform you’re downloading it from. Read our article for all the info you need to know.

Can I preload the Callisto Protocol?

You can pre load the Callisto Protocol right now! Get the game downloading ASAP to ensure you get to play the game straight away on its release time.

Is The Callisto Protocol On Xbox Game Pass?

The Callisto Protocol is not on Xbox Game Pass and based on the comments from the developer, saying it would be a ‘difficult fit’ for the service, it seems unlikely it will be added at any point in the future.

Callisto Protocol release time : Final Word

We trust this has given you everything you need to know about the Callisto Protocol release time. If you’re thinking of getting a new mobile gaming rig to run the game on, why not check out our last minute Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals page.

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