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Here are the latest monitor reveals from CES 2023

A quick look at the very best monitor reveals from CES 2023

Updated: Jan 4, 2023 5:10 pm
Here are the latest monitor reveals from CES 2023

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Looking for a easy-to-read CES 2023 monitor list? You’ve come to the right place. For anyone who is interested in the latest advancements in monitor tech, CES 2023 is the place to be. We’ll be showing off a list of the most impressive monitors to be announced at CES 2023 right here.

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Get ready for a collection of monitors which aim to push the boundaries of technology, whether that be refresh rate, resolution, response time, or display technology. There’s so much to look at when to comes to monitors at CES 2023.

CES 2023 monitor list

So, let’s take a quick look at a number of monitors that have been announced or otherwise shown off (so far) during CES 2023. We’ll be sure to update this list as we make our way through the event and hear of more news regarding monitor releases.

  • Alienware 24.5-inch 500Hz
  • Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 (2023)
  • Samsung Odyssey OLED G9
  • Samsung ViewFinity S9 (S90PC)
  • Samsung Smart Monitor M8
  • Asus ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM
  • Dell 32-inch 6K UltraSharp monitor
  • Acer 45-inch OLED Predator X45
  • Corsair Xeneon Flex

CES 2023 monitor list top 5 picks

We’ve decided to hand-pick some of our favorite reveals so far and talk a little more about them. So, let’s get into some details to allow you to look forward to a brand-new monitor in 2024. Obviously, every single monitor listed above is well worth checking out, with more reveals to come throughout CES 2023 – it’s truly hard to keep up with the quality of monitors this year!

Alienware 24.5-inch 500Hz Gaming Monitor

This is definitely a stand-out feature of CES 2023. Alienware have developed an impressive 500Hz gaming monitor, which looks to blow other competitors out of the water when it comes to refresh rate. Natively, the refresh rate is 480Hz – but this can be overclocked to reach 500Hz. The 24.5-inch 500Hz gaming monitor utilizes an IPS display and operates at a Full HD resolution.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 (2023)

Samsung’s flagship monitors are coming, and they definitely don’t disappoint. The 2023 edition of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 makes the most of Mini-LED technology, retaining the VA LCD backlit design of it’s predecessor. This monitor has a massive 57″ display and is technically the world’s first 8K gaming monitor – horizontally.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9

Another Samsung Odyssey monitor, they don’t stop coming. The OLED G9 has been high anticipated, especially with previous editions of the range impressive anyone lucky enough to experience it. Fitted with Samsung’s QD-OLED technology, you’ll be enjoying a crisp image at 5120 x 1440 resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz.

Acer 45-inch OLED Predator X45

Acer’s 45-inch monitor is definitely going to impress you, with it’s ultrawide 21:9 panel. OLED displays are looking to be massive in 2024, and the Predator X45 with it’s noticeable 800R curved OLED screen is definitely one to look out for right now.

Corsair Xeneon Flex

The Corsair Xeneon Flex features a ground-breaking flexible (hence the name) display, which allows you to physically bend the screen to create the ideal curvature for you. Aside from that, you’re receiving a smooth 240Hz variable refresh rate and native 1440p resolution. It’s perfect for gaming with the 0.03 millisecond response time too.

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