Halo Infinite Could Be Taking Some Inspiration From God Of War

We don’t have too much information on what we can expect when Halo Infinite launches this year – apart from a couple of pretty impressive cinematics that is. We have been told that Halo Infinite will be larger than any of the previous Halo titles, and will likely make good use of new Xbox Series X hardware.

Could We See A Different Style Of Campaign?

One of the rumors that is circulating lately is that the campaign could see a massive revamp from what we’ve seen in previous titles. On the latest episode of the “Real Deal Xbox Podcast,” it was mentioned that Halo Infinite could be taking some creative inspiration from the most recent God of War title.

“Halo Infinite has something in common with God of War, that we’ll point out after it’s revealed, that we’ve learned about recently that’s really cool. Again, Halo Infinite, apparently, is a juggernaut. All the stuff you’ve seen has been in-engine, no bullsh*t, 60fps, and that’s not even with ray tracing or anything. I can’t wait to see more on the game, considering we’ll be playing it sooner rather than later.”

It’s also great to know that all of the impressive cinematics that we’ve seen have all been shot with the in-game engine. This means that we could be seeing something either similar or even better once this title releases. All this footage has also been running at 60 FPS as well, which is great news for all FPS fans.

Something In Common With God Of War?

The Halo franchise and God of War franchise aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence. What could Halo Infinite possibly have in common with God of War? There is some speculation that Halo Infinite could try out a new method of storytelling for the campaign and go for more of a “single-shot” experience.

This would bring a whole new level of immersion to the campaign and story, but could this really be achieved in first-person only? Would we see transitions between first- and third-person in cut-scenes and vehicles? This is all speculation so far, but it has been noted that the most recent Halo Infinite trailer does feature a mainly seamless story sequence.

Other than that, we can’t see too many similarities between the two franchises. It just looks like we’ll have to wait until release to get an idea of what it is. For now, we’ll be on the lookout for any more news concerning Halo Infinite.

What do you think of this bit of speculation? Would you be up for a “single-shot” campaign? Let us know down in the comments section below.