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Helldivers 2 performance issues have AMD GPU users questioning their choice

All sorts of problems for some AMD users - let's try and fix it

Updated: Feb 22, 2024 4:35 pm
Helldivers 2 performance issues have AMD GPU users questioning their choice

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Helldivers 2 developers, Arrowhead Game Studios, have acknowledged that the game is not running very well for many AMD Radeon 7000 GPU users in a recent post, going through a list of known issues. Some users have even considered getting rid of their graphics card. On the plus side, users taking to Reddit have reported some ways of keeping the game in working order.

As with many game launches these days, Helldivers 2 has suffered from some early performance issues, as well as server woes that prevent people from logging into the game at all. We’ve recommended an AMD card in our best GPU for Helldivers 2 guide, but you may want to hold off until all of these issues are resolved.

AMD Radeon 7000 series GPU performance issues on Helldivers 2

There seems to be plenty of known problems for anyone running on a latest-gen RX 7000 series GPU. These have been rendering the game almost unplayable in many scenarios, including persistent game crashes.

One user on Reddit has been questioning whether they should be getting rid of their flagship RX 7900 XTX altogether, citing performance issues in a number of modern games despite their best efforts. However, some solutions have been suggested (which we’ll get into below). First, take a look at what the developers have to say below:

Helldivers 2 AMD Radeon 7000 series GPU problems

How can I fix Helldivers 2 crashing?

On the bright side, the developers will be working with AMD to resolve any outstanding issues and we’ve spotted this handy Reddit thread which can help solve crashing problems with RX 7000 hardware. While the devs themselves say that playing on the lowest performance settings can make a difference, let’s take a closer look at some more crash-preventing solutions.

  • Uninstall drivers with DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)
  • Install latest AMD drivers for Helldivers 2
  • Use DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 12 – steps on how to do this here
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing, Global Illumination, and Ambient Occulusion

With this list of suggestions, many people have found success with running Helldivers 2 much more smoothly on their Radeon graphics card. Hopefully this means that u/Themonkeeus won’t have to ditch their RX 7900 XTX any time soon.

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