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Is iOS 16.2 safe? Security issues and fixes in iOS 16.2

We answer the question: Is iOS 16.2 safe? from both a stability and security point of view

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 11:47 am
Is iOS 16.2 safe? Security issues and fixes in iOS 16.2

If you want to know is iOS 16.2 safe? It really depends on what you mean. If you’re asking is iOS 16.2 stable? i.e. will your data be safe from being wiped through instability, then you should check out our other page on that subject (the short answer is – yes).

If you’re asking is iOS 16.2 protected from viruses/hackers/malware or any other kind of ne’er do well, then this is the most protected iOS you can currently get.

So is iOS 16.2 safe?

As houses mate. In fact Apple has fixed 35 major security vulnerabilities that existed in iOS 16.1, including 6 major kernal fixes, such as bug CVE-2022-46689, where an app was able to execute arbitrary code with Kernel privileges, or CVE-2022-42842 where code execution could be performed remotely.

10 major fixes have also been made in WebKit, which is what runs the Safari web browser, and added privacy and security features have been added for AirDrop.

All these extra security patches, means iOS 16.2 is safer to use than any previous version of iOS 16.

What should I do if I’m still using iOS 15?

For those who never made the upgrade to iOS 16, Apple has also released iOS 15.7.2, which is an update that fixes some of the security issues involving WebKit. It’s advisable that you upgrade to this as soon as possible to keep your device protected.

Is iOS 16.2 safe? Final Word

We hope this has answered your question is iOS 16.2 safe? Do be sure to check out our various other OS and smartphone-related pages, including our Top 5 phone deals December 2022 page.

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