MSI Announced Complete List Of Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards (TPM 2.0 Support)

Alongside many of the other major motherboard manufacturers, MSI has now released a comprehensive list of all its Windows 11 compatible motherboards.

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MSI is the latest motherboard manufacturer to post a complete list of all its Windows 11 compatible motherboards. The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11, is a new-look build that offers a tonne of features and benefits over Windows 10. However, despite all the great additional extras the new O/S provides, one of the major talking points of the Windows 11 launch has been the TPM 2.0 support – something that has sparked controversy amidst internet forums.

The security feature that lies within most modern motherboards is at the forefront of many debates across the web, with many speculating which motherboards will and won’t be compatible.

Fortunately for MSI users, the brand has published a complete list of all its Windows 11 compatible motherboards.

MSI Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

MSI seems to have gone above and beyond the other motherboard manufacturers as far as listing the compatibility of its hardware – as you’ll soon see. They have not only posted the series of the motherboard, they’ve also listed the specific chipset as well.

Below is the most up-to-date list from the guys at MSI:

Intel Motherboards

SeriesChipset*CPU Supported
500 SeriesZ590 / B560 / H51010th / 11th Gen
400 SeriesZ490 / B460 / H41010th / 11th Gen
300 SeriesZ390 / Z370 / B365 / B360 / H370 / H3108th / 9th Gen
200 SeriesZ270 / B250 / H2706th / 7th Gen**
100 SeriesZ170 / B150 / H170 / H1106th / 7th Gen**
X299X299X-series 10000/9000/78xx**
B350 series
A320 series

This is NOT a Windows 11 compatible motherboard list, it simply means the motherboard BIOS supports TPM 2.0.

*Visit Intel for more information about TPM 2.0 support for Intel chipsets.

**Intel 6th/7th Gen and X-Series 9000/78xx processors are not on the list of Windows 11 compatible processors, as of 2021/07/01.”

AMD Motherboards

500 SeriesX570 / B550 / A520
400 SeriesX470 / B450
300 SeriesX370 / B350 / A320*
TR4 SeriesTRX40 / X399*

*Ryzen 1000 series and Ryzen Threadripper 1000 series (Zen1) processors are not on the list of Windows 11 compatible processors, as of 2021/07/01. Visit Microsoft for more Windows 11 information.”

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