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New World PTR patch notes – Test the Winter Convergence Festival and more

Check out the new New World PTR patch notes for the Winter Convergence festival and new expertise system.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021 2:49 pm
New World PTR patch notes – Test the Winter Convergence Festival and more

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New World may have just added a new patch 1.1.1. To the game several days ago, including a secret giant turkey that wants to kill us all. That would be the typical news week for Amazon Games, however, it turns out New World is getting some juicy content this Christmas.

Amazon Games has announced that the New World PTR is coming back, fitted with system changes, along with adding the Christmas event, Winter  Convergence Festival. Here is what you can expect from the unofficial New World PTR patch notes.

New World PTR patch notes – Winter Convergence

As it stands, there are no official New World PTR patch notes; however, Amazon Games did publish a blog post talking about new features in a bit more detail – It’s sort of like a patch notes, without really being a patch notes.

Ranting to myself aside, there is actually quite a bit of detail in the article. The blog mentions an upcoming WInter Convergence Festival event, aka New World’s Christmas themed festivity. New World didn’t really have much going for it over Halloween, which is a massive shame, however, we are getting a proper crimbo-selecta. 

Morso, new content allows players to test out the new end game systems, along with the Expertise and Gypsum mechanic, that aids the rather tedious and monotonous grind that is the watermark system. With no further delay, that has a more detailed chinwag about the New World PTR patch notes.

New World Winter Convergence Festival

The New World Winter Convergence Festival is New World’s festival for big nick. The theme of the event is to have some proper MMO community feeling gameplay, with players helping to decorate towns and settlements throughout Aeternum. Morso, there are four special holiday villages in Weaver’s Fen, Brightwood, Monarch’s Bluff and Everfall that the Winter Wandered has made his home for the event for event progression.

The aim of the event is to help the complete town projects that make the Convergence Spirit grow each settlement’s tree. You’ll need to complete special Town Projects to grow the tree each day. As the trees grow bigger, you’ll get more rewards once the fabled day of Christmas day arrives.

However, it wouldn’t be a video game without a catch. Sprites! The little flying devils are taking presents from under our trees… It is our jobs as adventurers to go and reclaim these gifts. We will find hidden presents throughout the world that we can collect and turn in for Winter Tokens at the holiday villages.

There are meteor showers that spawn in Gleamite Showers. Through the nights on Aerternum, there will be meteor showers. You’ll need to keep your eyes and ears alert if you want to catch the rewards from them.

Finally, a new ice cave feature allows players to explore new areas. They look kinda like the Angry Earth mobs, but with a wintery theme attached to them.

Expertise and Gypsum

Okay, a future defining feature revamp is coming in the New World PTR patch notes. Amazon Games are aware people would rather bypass the system by crafting things such as the Shadewalker and Voidbent armors. But now, the changes mean you’ll more than likely have to interact with the system.

The New expertise system means you can get better items, but you won’t have the full effectiveness until you get your watermark up. To encourage people to improve their watermark, a new mechanic called Gypsum. You can guarantee up to one Gympsum a day, doing whatever content you prefer doing. The Gypsum comes from Expeditions, Arenas, Crafting, open-world farming, and countless other activities. Moreso, the Gypsum is guaranteed to improve your expertise in whatever item slot you want to improve. It makes it more deterministic than it was, which is a good change.

Lately, expeditions are guaranteed to improve your chances of getting new content. It makes actually doing expeditions even more worthwhile, especially since many players are spending more time farming Myrkgard because of its efficiency. Speaking of changes, there’s more POIS to farm, including the Imperial Palace near Dynasty Shipyard and Malevolence in Eden’s Grove.
Overall; good changes. You can now test out over on the New World PTR, which has gone live. You can read more on the PRTR changelog on New World’s blog.

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