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Nvidia at Computex 2022

Will we get news on the new or updates on the old?

Updated: May 24, 2022 6:04 am
Nvidia at Computex 2022

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Update: The event has occurred so check out our highlights of what Nvidia has announced.

Computex 2022 is starting on May 23rd with a packed schedule and there are a few big names to look forward to. One of which is Nvidia at Computex 2022, and with a change in how the show is done it is a hybrid of in-person and online. Meaning we can enjoy the whole event from the comforts of our own homes, even if the time differences can make it harder to watch.

Computex is an event show in Taiwan for businesses to display their products from the computer industry. It has become one of the largest exhibits with the biggest names in manufacturing. After a pause from the pandemic it has come back we are certainly looking forward to AMD and Nvidia keynotes with others offering new looks into what’s to come. And we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the latest.

When is the Nvidia Computex 2022 keynote?

Computex doesn’t officially start until the 24th of May and runs until Friday the 27th. However, there are some keynotes that are held beforehand. The Nvidia Computex keynote is on Monday 23rd at 8 pm PDT which is Tuesday 24th at 4 am BST or 11 am in Taiwan. So we look forward to the early start on our end to cover it.

Or an easier breakdown of Nvidia Computex 2022 local timings:

  • 24th May 11 am Taiwan (local)
  • 23rd May 8 pm PDT
  • 23rd May 11 pm EDT
  • 24th May 4 am BST

Where to watch the Nvidia Computex 2022 keynote?

To watch the Nvidia Computex 2022 keynote you can head to the Nvidia website on its event page. Or you can head to its Youtube or Twitch page where it is also likely to stream. As it shows off the everyone it’s further innovations and hopefully something for gamers too.

What to expect at Nvidia Computex 2022

Nvidia Computex 2022 speakers

Nvidia is bringing six speakers to its keynote:

  • Ian Buck, Vice President of Accelerated Computing
  • Brian Kelleher, Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineering
  • Ying Yin Shih, Director of Product Management, Accelerated Computing
  • Michael Kagan, Chief Technology Officer
  • Deepu Talla, Vice President of Embedded and Edge Computing
  • Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President of GeForce

With that selection of people, we can expect a wide range of new technologies. Its own description of the keynote is

AI on the NVIDIA accelerated computing platform is revolutionizing everything from gaming to data centers to robotics. NVIDIA will present how AI is powering the enterprise data center and the latest products and technologies for gamers and creators


So it may mostly be focused on server and computing technologies. However, the last line of products for gamers and creators sparked our interest. Especially with Jeff Fisher on the lineup who last announced the 3090 Ti at CES 2022. Although we could expect to hear about the upcoming RTX 40 series, the recent rumor on the GTX 1630 may be part of it too. Although we can be hopeful that it’s about all of the above, for something new and maybe even budget.

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