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Nvidia RTX 3080 Will Reportedly Feature 10GB Of Memory, With A Maximum Clock Of 2.1 GHz

As we approach release, specs are gradually starting to leak

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An Nvidia graphics device by the codename “2206” has appeared doing the rounds on user benchmarking site userbenchmark.com. Much of the detail has now been scrubbed, but not before a few insiders were able to verify it’s authenticity. This is probably somewhat frustrating for Nvidia since they’re currently preparing for a reported September release for the card, but it does give us some early hints of what to expect from their upcoming Ampere based GPUs.

Twitter user @_rogame from Hardware Leaks shared the following information about the upcoming high-end cards.

This benchmark is based on an HP Z8 G4 Workstation desktop, with an Intel Xeon Gold 6154 Processor and 128GB of RAM. Must be nice.

This information was then further verified by Matthew Smith of TechPowerUP, who has confirmed that mysterious card “2206” is indeed the RTX 3080.


This user benchmarks show a maximum processor clock speed of 2.1 GHz, and 10GB of GDDR6X memory, running at a speed of 4750 Mhz. This would equate to a memory bandwidth of a whopping 19Gbps. It’s worth noting that these speeds may indeed be higher than the actual specifications of RTX 3080 cards released to the market, and exact performance will depend on a variety of factors depending on your exact hardware and software configuration.

We probably shouldn’t consider these specifications as an iron-clad guarantee of what to expect from the release versions of Nvidia RTX 3080 cards, this benchmark could be based on an early test version of the card with a non-final configuration, but it does hopefully give us some indication of what we might be able to expect.

The exact roadmap for release dates for upcoming Ampere-based 3000 series GPUs from Nvidia has not yet been released, but we’re expecting a gradual rollout of these cards over the next few months, starting with the RTX 3080 ti at some point this month, with other cards gradually becoming available as Nvidia work their way down the product lineup.

We’ll be on the lookout for more details as they become available, so stick with WePC if you want information on upcoming GPUs and other PC components as it becomes available, and we’ll keep our GPU buying guide updated with all the latest options as they become available to order.


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