Release Schedule For Upcoming Ampere Based RTX 3000 Series Leaked

Here are the first hints for when Nvidia’s new lineup of GPUs will be available to buy


There’s no official confirmation yet, but we’ve got our first hint of the schedule for the upcoming release of Nvidia’s next generation of graphics cards. Chinese site, who have a reasonably solid track record for leaking early details on a variety of devices and components, have said that Nvidia will be releasing their lineup of upcoming graphics cards starting in September, with a gradual rollout of the different cards in the range in the following months. It seems fairly credible, given that appears to have some connections within the manufacturing industry in China related to these kinds of components, although don’t take it as rock-solid confirmation until we get official word from Nvidia, and even if these dates are the currently planned schedule, there are plenty of factors that could result in the schedule being altered.

We’re expecting these cards to offer a big jump in performance from the previous generation, and anyone interested in a high-performance gaming GPU should be looking very closely at these release dates.

For now, this is what say is Nvidia’s planned schedule for their new lineup of GPUs:

When will RTX 3080 ti come out?

According to these latest reports, we should see the RTX 3080 ti cards releasing at least in some form by the end of the month, with an August 2020 release. What’s not yet clear if this will be a general release for all regions, whether there will be a premium “Founders Edition” released first before the standard cards become available. We will, of course, be keeping an eye out for official confirmation, or any more detailed information that becomes available, but if you’re preparing to put together a new build, this could be a useful heads up that you may want to wait a little bit longer. The RTX 2080 ti released on August 18th, 2018, perhaps Nvidia are planning to release the successor on a similar schedule.

When will RTX 3080 come out?

The report from also details the planned schedule for the RTX 3080 card, where they say that Nvidia is targeting a September 17th release, which would echo the September 20th, 2018 of the RTX 2080. It would be a logical timeframe to release their high-end gaming GPU, so we don’t have any major reasons to doubt it, but things could still be up in the air.

When will RTX 3070 come out?

The mid-range option for the 3000 series GPUs is supposedly targeting an October release, with these dates lining up to suggest that Nvidia is planning to release one new GPU a month, perhaps to help them keep a steady supply of stock available, and to encourage people eagre to update to go for the more expensive top-end options. Again, October would echo the release schedule for the equivalent 2000 series card, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if this proves to be accurate.

When will RTX 3060 come out?

Rounding out the 3000 series lineup, the entry-level 3060 card is reportedly targeting a November release. This doesn’t quite line up with how the cards were released for the 2000 series, where the 2060 came several months after the rest of the lineup, releasing instead in January 2019. This is a change in strategy, where perhaps Nvidia have worked hard to improve their manufacturing process to allow for quicker turnaround on the various different revisions of the Ampere based GPUs. We’ll have to wait and see if November does turn out to be accurate, but if so this could be great news for budget centric gamers looking for a new GPU.

Whenever these cards do release, we’ll be sure to get all of our build guides updated to include these new components. Have you been holding off for these latest GPUs before upgrading your system? Which of the 3000 series lineup do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below.