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iPhone 15 pre order date estimate & will there be a pre order bonus?

We estimate when you will be able to pre order iPhone 15 devices, plus discuss the latest news and rumors on production delays

Updated: Sep 12, 2023 2:13 pm
iPhone 15 pre order date estimate & will there be a pre order bonus?

The iPhone 15 pre order date is likely just around the corner! The usual Apple September Event at which they almost always unveil the latest Apple smartphones, still the most major smartphone announcement of the year, is going live today, and we expect the iPhone pre order window to begin a few days after (although there’s always a slim chance that Apple could buck the classic trend and run it later).

To pre order iPhone 15 models is a good idea if you want to ensure you get yours as soon as possible, though sadly Apple rarely does any sort of price reduction or upgrade deal compared to the likes of Samsung etc. so an iPhone 15 pre order bonus from them is unlikely. That being said, various telecom providers do often do pre order packages that offer price reductions when you sign up to a new contract with them and purchase the phone along with it, plus you can get trade-in deals if you hand in your old device.

Apple confirmed that the Special Event at which we assume the new lineup will be revealed is taking place on the 12th of September (i.e. today!) at 10AM PT. Based on previous pre order and release date patterns, we can make a pretty decent estimation as to the times of both based on what we do know. Read below for all the details.

When is the likely Apple iPhone 15 pre order date?

Apple tends to stick to a fairly strict pattern when it comes to their iPhone releases, as a result we can look to the previous iPhone pre order date history to give us some guidance.

Apple iPhone pre order date history

iPhone reveal/launch events usually take place on a Tuesday (as it is this year) or Wednesday in early to mid-September (although the iPhone 12 came out in October). Pre orders for the base model iPhones then always go live on the Friday of that same week, with the actual release date/delivery date for the pre-orders landing the following Friday, one week after that. You can see the previous four iPhone pre order dates listed below:

Our iPhone 15 pre order date prediction

Given that Apple have confirmed the launch event for the phone will be taking place on Tuesday the 12th of September, we once again expect the pre orders to go live on the Friday of that same week.

This would mean a likely iPhone 15 pre order date of the 15th of September, 2023. This isn’t definitive or confirmed by Apple of course, but we’d bet a decent amount of money on it landing on this date.

We expect the iPhone 15 release date (when pre-orders will be delivered) to land the following Friday after that (so the 22nd of September). There is a smaller chance that the release could be delayed until October as with the iPhone 12, but currently, we think this is unlikely.

The likely iPhone 15 pre order time

The previous four iPhone pre order times have all been exactly the same, so it’s a safe bet that Apple will follow the same pattern this year.

See below for the likely iPhone 15 pre order time for your time zone. As discussed these are all likely to land on a Friday:

5AM (PDT) / 8AM (EDT) / 1PM (BST) / 2PM (CET) / 5:30PM (IST) / 9PM (ACT)

Will you be able to pre order iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max models at the same time?

In previous years iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max pre orders have usually gone live simultaneously alongside those of the standard iPhone 15, as have iPhone Plus models (essentially just a larger-sized version of the standard iPhone). Sometimes, however, as with the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, pre orders have gone live 2-3 weeks later.

Even if all pre orders go live at the same time this year, this does not necessarily mean you will get these devices delivered to you at the same time: last year the iPhone 14 Plus was released three weeks after the other devices on October 7th. This year it’s quite possible that we could see the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max delayed due to production issues (read more on this below), so even if you can pre-order them at the same time as the other variants you might not actually receive them until later.

What about iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max production delays?

According to The Elec (as reported by Forbes) it would seem that the new slim bezel design of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has caused some issues for the display manufacturers LG Display and BOE. The new periscope camera that it’s believed the Pro Max will be equipped with is apparently also making things extra difficult for that model.

As a result, it looks like there have been issues in bringing the production of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max up to the necessary levels for the launch. Supposedly Apple has decided to focus production on the Pro variant only, in an attempt to get at least one of the two ready in time. If true this would probably relegate the iPhone 15 Pro Max release to later in Q4 2023, and we’ll be interested to see if Apple manages to get sufficient iPhone 15 Pros ready in time.

In terms of actual pre orders, both might still go live at the same time as the other devices, though Apple may choose to delay them both or just the iPhone 15 Pro Max pre order, if it really does end up releasing such a length of time later.

Will there be an iPhone 15 pre order bonus?

As mentioned, an iPhone 15 pre order pre order bonus from Apple is unlikely in the conventional sense, as they have not done these in the past. What you do commonly get however is a trade-in deal with providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, EE, and more. You can read about the details of the last year’s iPhone carrier deals on this page by MacRumors. We expect to see similar offers this year for the iPhone 15 series.

Will there be a iPhone 15 Ultra?

For the last year there’s been rumors that there would be an SKU in the iPhone 15 line-up called the iPhone 15 Ultra, perhaps replacing one of the other Pro models, which would be the first time such a device launched in the series. However the latest rumors as reported by Forbes are that there will not be a device released by this name, and we are to expect the usual iPhone 15, iPhone 15+, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices unveiled.

Pre order iPhone 15 FAQs

Is the iPhone 15 coming out soon?

Although Apple has not yet confirmed the iPhone 15 release date, including that of the iPhone 15 Plus, Pro, and Pro Max variants. We can make an assumption though based on previous iPhone releases that it will probably be revealed at some point in September.

The first pre orders are likely to go live a couple of days after the launch, with the actual release date following shortly after that. Read within/above for more specific date and time predictions.

Will iPhone 15 have USB C?

It is thought that the new iPhone 15 variants will all be USB-C compatible, although we won’t know for sure until the phones are unveiled.

iPhone 15 Pre Order details: Final Word

Hopefully you now feel fully up to speed on the likely iPhone 15 pre order details. Check out our iOS 17 release date page to learn all there is about the latest iPhone operating system, the release of which should coincide with the new devices, plus also check out our Apple Watch Series 9 pre order, Apple Watch Ultra 2 pre order, and Apple AirPods 4 pre order pages for more information about the other devices we expect to see launched

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