Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 And Season 4 Operators Leaked Via Gameplay Video

The latest operator additions to Rainbow Six Siege’s ongoing Year 5 have leaked ahead of an official reveal. Two new operators are heading to the tactical multiplayer shooter in the upcoming Season 3 and Season 4, respectively.

The first leak comes courtesy of known insider Kormora, who took to the Resetera gaming forums to reveal that Season 3’s new operator would appear as a crossover from another separate Ubisoft franchise, Splinter Cell. Codenamed Scout, the new operator is an attacker with a launcher gadget, ‘some sort of drilled camera that sees through walls.’

A further leak surfaced over the weekend in the form of a low-quality 17-minute video uploaded by YouTuber Gamer Felonies, known for previous Six Siege leaks. Setting aside the questionable music bed and abysmal quality, the video showcases gameplay of Season 3’s Scout alongside Season 4’s Aruni. The video depicts the reworked Chalet map that includes some changes such as a new roof and staircase.

The video confirms Scout’s handheld launcher camera gadget, alongside a primary weapon, the SC300X rifle, which will ring bells for anyone with Splinter Cell experience under their belt.

Moving on to Aruni. She’s a defender, armed with an Mk14 EBR and a gadget dubbed the Laser Reinforcement. The video fails to show the laser in action, but from the title screen, the suggestion is that it allows players to plant down several windows, doors, and walls with laser reinforcements. Alongside, Arumi also has a robotic arm, enabling her to break through barricades and punch through walls. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a cap on how often the ability can be used.

There’s little to suggest the leak isn’t genuine, and indeed, the breadth of gameplay on display seems too elaborate to be a troll or ploy. As such, we can confidently expect Scout and Aruni to drop into Rainbow Six Siege in the not too distant future.