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Razer announces collab with Cariuma for sustainable sneakers

No, it doesn't have RGB.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 3:24 pm
Razer announces collab with Cariuma for sustainable sneakers

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You know, Razer, that gaming brand. They have all of those RGB lights and the chairs and mice and keyboards and all that. They’re no stranger to throwing us a couple of very weird and wonderful concepts, as we’ve previously seen in the past with their Project Sophia gaming desk that we previously saw at CES 2022. Now, they’re utilizing their brand for good this time, by partnering up with Cariuma, a sustainable footwear brand to help bring to fruiting their #GoGreenWithRazer initiative. Of course, this means that they’re bringing to market a ‘gamer shoe’.

Razer Sneki Snek x Cariuma

Adorned with the classic Razer Green and Black look that we’re so used to seeing in their products, Razer and Cariuma, a sustainable shoe brand that is committed to their own reforestation operation in the rainforests of Brazil. They’ve pledged to restore habitats with every pair of sneakers purchased. Additionally, Razer has now committed to saving the trees by mass-producing plastic and silicon, but somehow, also want to save the environment. Corporate sustainability movements always raise an eyebrow, but it’s difficult to criticise the lengths that Razer are going to when so many other companies simply do nothing but slowly hurtle us towards the boiling point of a planet that’s too hot to live on. Of course, Razer also has a sustainability mascot, Sneki Snek.

Each pair of sneakers in the collection sold will ‘Save’ 10 trees in partnership with Conservation International, and will come in up to four different sizes and designs to complete the gamer look.

Where to buy Razer X Cariuma sneakers

You can grab the Razer X Cariuma sneakers right now on Cariuma‘s official website. They are available in four SKUs; Low Black, Low All-Black, High Black and High All-Black. They are available in both Men’s and Women’s variants. The Men’s variants are all available in sizes 5-13, with the Women’s variant starting at sizes 5-13, too.

Some variants and sizes are already sold out, so if you’re a diehard Razer fan, be sure to cop these before they end up reselling for exorbitant prices on StockX, which is a morbidly likely scenario.

Razer X Cariuma sneakers price

Surprisingly, the Razer X Cariuma collaboration sneakers do not come with the associated Razer tax that we’re so used to seeing in their other products and are surprisingly inexpensive. The Razer X Cariuma sneakers begin at $89 USD / €98 EUR / £89 GBP for the Low variant, and at $98 USD / €109 EUR / £98 GBP for the high variant.

The sneakers are available now at Cariuma.

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